My Favorite Gardening Tools and Accessories

It’s no secret gardening is my favorite hobby. Over the last few years we’ve planted flowers, bushes, trees, berries and vegetables throughout our yard and it’s so rewarding to watch as they grow over time. Gardening is a lesson in patience and a way to fully connect with the Earth and immerse yourself in nature. For me, it’s my greatest form of meditation and relaxation. It’s hard work too, which makes it all the more special when you see those first buds of the season. It’s looking like we’re going to be spending even more time at home this summer with forms of social distancing in place likely through the entire season. We’re planning to use that time to do more gardening and landscaping projects.

Whether you have a big yard, a tiny patio or a small city apartment you can create a garden at home. If you’re really limited on space you can get a few small pots and grow some herbs and lettuce in the window. Here are some of my top gardening tools and accessories. I can’t wait to get some more rose bushes for the season. What are you growing this summer?

Gardening Tools

Trowel – I just added this trowel to my gardening tool collection and it’s great quality. The leather strap is ideal for hanging storage too.

Foam Kneeler – Lightweight and easy to carry around this will save your knees when you’re weeding or pruning.

Lightweight Kink-Free Garden Hose – There’s nothing more annoying than a hose that is impossible to put away after you use it. We have one of these in the front and back of the house for easy watering and it’s super durable.

Watering Wand – This hose attachment is particularly helpful for hard to reach spots and hanging plants.

Pruning Shears – You can’t beat these pruning shears for the price. I’ve had them for several years and they’re still in great condition.

Watering Can – I use a big plastic watering can for outdoor plants that’s large enough so you don’t have to constantly refill but not so big that it’s too heavy to carry around when you’re feeding and fertilizing.

Gardening Accessories

Straw Hat – I’ve had this straw hat for years. It provides great sun coverage for your face and fits snug so it’s not flopping around or getting in the way when you’re working in the garden.

Gardening Gloves – The high cuffs make these great for when you’re pruning those thorny rose bushes or weeding near stinging nettles.

Weeding Gloves – For general weeding I like these lightweight fitted gloves.

Gardening Apron – The print is adorable but this apron is also really functional with pockets to hold your gardening tools.

Rubber Boots – These rubber rain boots are comfortable, durable and easy to spray down with the hose.

Sunscreen – This SPF50 sunscreen mist is great for outdoor activities and easy to reapply. I love the Glow Screen for face.

Plant Food & Fertilizers

Rose-tone – I’ve always used organic Rose-tone for my rose bushes. You can use it on new plants or existing and it’s best to feed your roses several times throughout the season.

Organic Neptune’s Harvest – For my trees, shrubs, herbs and veggies I use Neptune’s Harvest every few weeks. It’s amazing what it does for plants especially things like tomatoes!

Gardening Tools and Accessories


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