My Favorite Cold Weather Baby Clothes

Cold Weather Baby Clothes

Marin turns 8 months old today and I just can’t believe how fast time goes. It feels like everyday goes by in a blink. When I went up to Vermont two weekends ago to help Craig I was gone for 48 hours. When I got back I felt like Marin had changed so much. Maybe it was getting away that made me notice things I hadn’t before, but I am really trying to be present and soak in each day with her.

Marin LOVES being outside, I guess most babies probably do? She is so happy being outdoors either on a walk or playing in the yard. I bring her high chair out on the deck to eat most meals because it just makes her so happy. When I posted this photo of her all bundled up a few weeks ago I got a lot of questions about cold weather baby clothes so I thought I’d share what we use the most.

Since she was a February baby she spent all of her time as a newborn very bundled. Craig started taking her for morning walks with the dogs when she was just a few weeks old and I think that might be what solidified her love of the outdoors. Of course she has completely outgrown all of her winter gear (luckily I saved it all for cousin hand-me-downs) and I’ve had to get her a new cozy wardrobe for this fall and winter. I imagine Woodstock will be even colder than on the island so I stocked up on lots of warm clothes for the colder months.

Cold Weather Baby Clothes


My go to for most of Marin’s clothes and onesies is Hanna Andersson. Everything is organic cotton, the quality is really good (they can withstand a lot of washing) and they often run sales. For colder nights I put her in either this onesie or if it’s really chilly the footed onesie. For daytime naps she usually sleeps in this wearable blanket (it’s SO soft) and if it’s really cold I put her in a Mori UK sleep sack (they are expensive but I just bought two and alternate and the quality is great-sometimes they have sales). She doesn’t need any additional blankets with the sleep sack.


This Patagonia fleece was a baby shower gift and it’s very soft and warm (and luckily still fits!). Hannah makes a similar style as well. Anything that’s a full zip vs a pullover half zip I find is a lot easier, especially if she gets too warm since the temperature can change so dramatically here in a short amount of time.


Marin gets a TON of wear out of these knit leggings. They’re a great, stretchy and comfortable thick pant for fall. They’re washable and I’ve had no problem getting stains out . My Aunt got her these quilted pants from Baby Gap in white last year and they’re perfect for a cozy layer on cold mornings.

Fleece and Down Snowsuits

Marin grew out of this fleece one piece last winter so I got the pink version in her size because it’s so cozy. She also has this Patagonia fleece suit (I sized up to 18M so it will fit through the winter). We used this Patagonia bunting a lot for middle of the winter walks last year (on really frigid days). It’s VERY warm and she only needed a onesie underneath. It was great for the newborn stage too because you can fold over the hands and feet so there’s nothing exposed. Unfortunately she already grew out of it. I got this Baby Gap Snowsuit for this year so I’m hoping it’s as warm.

Hats, Mittens and Booties

This Patagonia hat was another baby shower gift and it’s so flipping cute. It’s very warm and soft. She’s wearing the 6 month size in the photo above.

The Zutano booties are great for babies because it’s hard to kick them off. I have a few pairs for Marin. I also got these Patagonia booties for this winter and sized up so she can grow into them.

When she was a newborn we didn’t really need mittens because we’d just keep her hands inside her fleece or down onesies. I got this Patagonia pair for this winter.


Craig got a Pendleton stroller blanket and we use it a ton. It’s super thick and cozy and very easy to wash. ChappyWrap also makes really cute stroller blankets and their stuff is great quality (this would be a great gift for an expecting mom).

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