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By Jess
5 Apr 2023
Jess Ann Kirby Everyday Jewelry

The longest piece of jewelry I’ve worn is the ring my Great Aunt gave me for my 21st birthday. It’s an amethyst ring with a unique 14k gold caged setting, a gift my grandparents gave to her that she passed down to me. I’ve been wearing it everyday for 17 years. Over the years I’ve collected more pieces, the signet ring from my Aunt who passed it down to me from my Great Grandmother, my Yearly Co bangles, my Haverhill birthstone necklace, a diamond tennis bracelet and others. For the most part I wear the same pieces everyday, occasionally switching up a necklace or rings here and there. I like jewelry that I don’t have to take off, and everything I have are pieces I can wear showering, sweating, swimming, etc. Here’s all my everyday jewelry (new and old).

Sweater above linked here.

My Everyday Jewelry


Haverhill Birthstone Necklace

I wear my classic birthstone necklace everyday and I’ve never taken it off. It has birthstones for everyone in my family (except Pepper!). The nice thing about Haverhill jewelry is you can send your pieces in to get updated. Eventually I’ll send it in to add Pepper’s “birthstone.” For my pets I used the month they were adopted. Use code JAK15 for 15% off your purchase!


I got my Dorsey Moss necklace before the holidays and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It’s so luxurious but still feels appropriate for everyday. I always get compliments on it when I wear it. I do tend to take this one off at night, but otherwise wear it almost everyday. It lays flat, never twists or gets tangled up and the sparkle is so gorgeous.

katie waltman pearl necklace

This pearl necklace is a recent purchase that I got when I was buying a gift for a friend. I was so impressed with my beaded bracelet I decided to try something else from the brand. I love it and it looks so pretty paired with my other necklaces. And I like to wear this one with my Dorsey necklace.

jane pope jewelry Dog Print necklace

As most of you know I got this necklace after Nora passed. They were nice enough to expedite the wax kit to me so I was able to get a print of Nora’s nose before she died and they turned it into this beautiful 14k gold necklace that I wear everyday. It’s (obviously) one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

ABLE Letter necklace

I wear my ABLE letter necklace often (though I do take this one off more than others). It’s incredible quality for the price and I love that it’s ethically handmade in their Nashville HQ.


yearly co bangles

I’ve been slowly collecting Yearly Co Bangles over the last several years since I discovered them around the time Marin was born. I’ve never taken mine off and I love every bangle in my stack. Use code JESSANN50 for $50 off $150. Here are the bangles I have:

Haverhill Bracelets

I have a few Haverhill bracelets that I’ve collected over the years. I never take them off and they are 14k gold so you can shower, sweat, swim, etc in them. Use code JAK15 for 15% off your purchase.

Katie waltman beaded bracelet

I bought this bracelet over the summer in Newport at Little Chateau and I am so impressed with the quality. I wear it with all of my other 14k gold jewelry and never take it off. It hasn’t tarnished or faded and still looks brand new. I have the 5MM size (and just gave it as a gift as well).

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Two years ago I got a diamond tennis bracelet from CMS Custom. I wear it everyday and I love having the silver sparkle in my stack of gold bracelets.


I don’t take off most of my jewelry at night, with the exception of my rings. My bangles and necklaces don’t bother me at all but for some reason I can’t stand having rings on my fingers at night.

vintage amethyst ring

This was given to me by my Great Aunt. It was a gift for my 21st birthday and it was ring that was given to her by my grandparents so it holds really special meaning.

Vintage signet ring

My Aunt gave me this signet ring that was originally my Great Grandmother’s, Ann Cecelia Mulligan. It’s a very thick signet ring with the prettiest filigree. I love that the initials ACM all tie into something in my life as well, my middle name Ann, Craig, and Mackay/Marin.

jane pope jewelry name ring

I got this when Marin was born. The Jane Pope Name ring is a really pretty, delicate ring that can be engraved with a name (up to 8 letters) or with a diamond and a name.


Yearly Co founder Ann posted this beaded ring on IG a few years ago and I scooped it right up. It’s very lightweight and comfortable. Unfortunately it’s not available on the website (I think it was a limited run thing), but she does occasionally share limited sizes of pieces on Instagram.

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