My Clean Beauty Pregnancy Skincare Routine

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By Jess
21 Aug 2019

Little did I know that just a few months after I committed to using only clean beauty products I would get pregnant. I have to say I feel like I had a bit of head start in that department. When I started reading different articles about what to avoid during pregnancy I noticed one of the most common things was about skincare. I found so many articles talking about how harmful common skincare and makeup ingredients can be when your pregnant, and all I could think was, if it’s so bad when you’re pregnant, why would you use it all?! Needless to say the transition was fairly easy for me because I had already stopped using anything that wasn’t clean (if you’re curious about standards I check everything I use against Follain’s restricted ingredient list). That said, I did end up having to switch up some of my products because so far, pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my skin. The combination of hormones and diet has not been kind to my skin, and I’ve heard the second trimester usually your skin starts to improve, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s my clean beauty pregnancy skincare routine. You can also see what I was using before as a clean beauty skincare routine in this post.

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Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. I’ve used this forever, it’s a nice gentle cleanser, makes your skin feel clean without stripping and I love the smell in the morning.

Farmacy Very Cherry Bright Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been using this for over a month and I love that it’s a lightweight serum that’s also really hydrating. It doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and it’s great for dark spots and brightening dull skin.

Naturopathica Vitamin C Lotion (25% w/ code CELEBRATE). I am just a huge fan of this skincare brand and this lotion does not disappoint. I started using it shortly after I started the Farmacy C Serum and I love combo of the two. It’s lightweight, great at soothing irritated skin and it smells SO good. The perfect uplifting scent for the last step in the morning.

Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum. I use this morning and night. It’s lightweight, soothing and hydrating and combats puffy eyes.

Sunscreen. If I’m wearing make-up I just use Ilia Tinted Moisturizer and if not I use Babo Botanicals Tinted Moisturizer.


Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm (25% off w/ code CELEBRATE). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my number one holy grail skincare product. It helps heal acne, it soothes dry skin, and improves skin texture. I also started using this facial cleansing brush and it’s so nice for gentle exfoliation with the cleanser.

Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner. If I’ve been wearing make-up I’ll use this toner to get anything left after cleansing. I’ve used this toner forever and it never disappoints. It’s refreshing, balancing and hydrating.
Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Face Mist (25% off w/ code CELEBRATE). If I haven’t been wearing make-up I’ll just do a spritz of this right before I apply my face oil.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. I love this oil because it doesn’t feel heavy, soaks nicely into skin and is great for my combination skin. It also reduces marks from acne and fights signs of aging.

Masks & Treatments

Hydrafacial. This is definitely my favorite skincare treatment (I wrote a full review here). It’s also safe during pregnancy, just make sure you let the person know you are pregnant. We skipped the peel portion of my hydrafacial in my last treatment but there is still plenty of exfoliation and my skill felt SO good afterwards. Nothing helps clear up my skin and improve hydration like the Hydrafacial.

Orgaid Organic Sheet Mask. If you just want a quick fix this is one of my favorite sheet masks. This one is super nourishing and calming and always leaves my skin feeling super hydrated.

Farmaesthetics Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish (25% off w/ code CELEBRATE). I love this stuff and it’s one of the best natural and clean exfoliants out there. I mix this (it’s a powder) with a little water or cleanser and apply in light circular motions. You don’t need to scrub, just let the polish do the work and you can also leave it on for a few minutes as a mask. Leaves skin feeling super clean and refreshed without stripping.

Bath & Body

Indie Lee Energize Body Wash. When I was still getting really sick everyday this was one of the few things that made me feel better. The refreshing citrus scent with eucalyptus totally soothed my nausea. It’s also a super gentle cleanser that gets sudsy but doesn’t dry out skin.

Indie Lee Energize Body Oil. A similar smell to the cleanser it has a refreshing citrus scent. It’s also great for super dry skin, soaks in quickly and the spray nozzle makes it so easy to apply. Perfect for when you just don’t have the energy to spend time moisturizing, which is me every day.

Indie Lee I-Recover Mind & Body Gel. This stuff saves me time and time again. It’s so good for sore muscles, neck aches and headaches. Especially early on when my headaches and migraines were really bad I would put this all over the back of my neck and shoulders and it gave me so much relief.

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  1. Tracy wrote:

    Indie Lee is excluded from the sale… might be able to get some of it 20% off at Sephora right now with the VIB sale…

    8.21.19 | Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    Yay glad to hear you like the Manuka cleansing balm. I just got it and I can’t wait to try it. And I agree with you and the Indie Lee eye serum is amazing!

    8.21.19 | Reply
  3. Preach on the fact that if we can’t use it while pregnant, we shouldn’t be using it – period! Once I started to learn more about clean beauty and skincare, it freaked me out that people only stop using mainstream toxic products when pregnant but don’t think twice otherwise.

    Definitely looks like your routine hasn’t changed much which is a beautiful thing. So many things change during pregnancy, the less you have to change the better haha! Thinking about picking up that vitamin C serum as I’ve been wanting to try one and man oh man you’re tempting me with that manuka honey cleanser since you always rave about it!

    PS: we were in Newport two weekends ago and by chance walked by the Farmaesthetics store which was so exciting so I popped in… and never wanted to leave.

    xo Mary-Katherine

    8.21.19 | Reply
  4. Lynn wrote:

    It all looks so amazing! I have the driest most sensitive skin with occasional red Rosacea and dry Seb Derm from a Dr. who recommended Cortisone overuse. It broke my skin barrier down. I’ve tried everything to no avail and still get red and irritated even with a face wash or a moisturizer . I’m going to start slow and try some new things. Thanks Jess !!

    8.21.19 | Reply
  5. So many great recommendations!

    Mariya |

    8.22.19 | Reply
  6. Ilana wrote:

    Hi! What about clean shampoo and conditioner? Been struggling to find something that is effective and clean for every day (or few days) use when pregnant!

    12.2.19 | Reply
  7. Lisa wrote:

    Hi there! I always love your recommendations!! I was just curious if any of your clean beauty for pregnancy have changed since you have have tried many different products since this blog post. Thank you!!

    4.22.22 | Reply

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