By Caylin Harris
5 May 2016

three bouquets prosecco & plaid

Pair these oh-so charming mini flower arrangements with any present for an extra dose of thoughtfulness. You’ll love how easy they are to pull together and your lucky recipient will love the handmade sentiment—I mean really, who doesn’t love getting flowers? Below are three easy floral combinations for inspiration or go rogue and design your own.

Before you get started, here are few things you might want to grab to make the process easier: floral shears, rubber bands, floral tape, craft paper, tissue paper and ribbon (natural or velvet).

flowers loose two prosecco & plaid

Start by grabbing the flowers and arranging them from the center and working your way out. Once you’ve got bouquets you’re pleased with, trim the stems down so they fit nicely in your hand. Rubber band the stems tightly together, dry the base and wrap in floral tape. Lay your sheet of tissue paper down, place the craft paper on top and the flowers towards the top. Fold in the right side, then the bottom and finally the left side and secure the paper with ribbon.

If you’re nervous about flower combos don’t be. While these are a few examples of things that work well together, when in doubt it helps to keep the color palette fairly consistent. Think all white, pinks, and subtle pops of green, then have the flowers vary in texture.

Ranunculus + Queen Anne’s Lace + Dusty Miller

vertical bouquet peach prosecco & plaid
vertical bouquet white prosecco & plaid

Tulips + Poms + Dusty Miller

vertical tulips prosecco & plaid
wrapped flower bouquet 3 prosecco & plaid

Thistles + Baby’s Breath + Dianthus

thistle flower bouquet prosecco & plaidthree bouquets together

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  1. These are gorgeous and perfect little gifts!

    Shaheen | Lows to Luxe

    5.5.16 | Reply
  2. Ashley wrote:
    5.5.16 | Reply
  3. so beautiful! I love this post!! XO


    5.5.16 | Reply

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