March Tarotstrology: Aries Tarotscopes

By Janine Mulone
19 Mar 2020
Aries season: March Tarotstrology
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Spring has sprung, it’s the astrological new year and boy, oh boy, is there a lot going on in the world.  I’m holding out hope that we can channel some of this fresh energy into action and Aries season is definitely our ally in making that happen. Maybe this is our chance to energetically unplug 2020 and plug it back in because this year could use a serious refresh, no?

Tarot has always been a tool for me to overcome feelings of anxiety and identify ways to move forward in moments of fear so it’s my hope that this month’s Tarotstrology will give you the grounding you’ve been looking for. I know it’s an uneasy time for a lot of us, but just know, you are not alone and there are ways to come out of this craziness better than we entered it. 

Below you’ll find a mini reading for each sign that takes into account 3 cards for your Aries season (March 21 – April 19)

  1. The Emperor
  2. The Major Arcana card your sign rules
  3. An intuitive pull – just like in a reading with me – for each sign

In Tarot, Aries rules The Emperor – the 4th card in the Major Arcana (you may remember this as we are also in an Emperor year!) This next month or so, we are being asked to explore what it really means to be self-sovereign, how to rewrite our ideas about power and become the leaders we are meant to be. There is a lot to unpack here, but Aries season waits for no one. It’s time to act. 

Aries – The Emperor
Ace of Wands

Be moved by passion, Aries. This season has the potential to feel like a burst of energy and a new beginning (not just because it’s your birthday). Find the place where your creative fire lives and nurture it. I know sparks of inspiration can feel unpredictable, but when carefully tended they can keep things lit up for a long time. 

Aries rules The Emperor, a card that teaches us about power and personal sovereignty. 

Taurus – The Hierophant
The Fool

Trust your bold ideas, Taurus! Here lies the challenge to both be a visionary and enact that vision. This requires strengthening your trust muscle and making space for a little discomfort. If you know it’s the right move, make it. Now’s not the time to try and work backwards to prove you have the right idea, it’s the time to follow your gut and leap. 

Taurus rules The Hierophant, a card that teaches us about truths and spiritual insight.

Gemini – The Lovers
Nine of Wands

It’s not a race, Gemini! You are balancing a lot right now and it’s easy to get lost in the cycle of doing, and sometimes as we approach burnout we feel sensitive and competitive. This season invites you to stop to appreciate the progress that’s been made even if you haven’t reached the finish line just yet. Trust me, it makes that last leg of the journey feel a lot easier. 

Gemini rules The Lovers, a card that teaches us about balance and harmony. 

Cancer – The Chariot
Page of Swords

Your ideas are meant to be explored, Cancer! Don’t be afraid to get a little experimental with your reasoning – engage in debate, have deeper conversation, ask the question that’s on the tip of your tongue. Yes, this involves vulnerability, but remaining playful and buoyant in your thinking helps you find the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Cancer rules The Chariot, a card that teaches us about alignment and forward momentum.

Leo – Strength
The Magician

It’s powerful to be scrappy and resourceful, Leo! All signs point to move before you’re ready (readiness is perfectionism in disguise). This isn’t without it’s challenges, of course, but by taking action you invite fear to bubble the surface in order to better understand and heal it. From there, you’ll see the depth of your potential.

Leo rules Strength, a card that teaches us about resilience and vulnerability. 

Aries season: March Tarotstrology
artwork by shore creative

Virgo – The Hermit
Knight of Cups

Try a little with tenderness, Virgo! Life doesn’t have to be all business – meaning that making progress isn’t the only goal. It’s okay to invite emotion along for the ride. If you are able to engage with the pleasure of the process, I think you’ll be amazed to see the flavor it adds to life (not to mention it’s how ability to bend time). 

Virgo rules The Hermit, a card that teaches us about going within and pacing ourselves.

Libra – Justice
Nine of Swords

Can you find comfort in the unknown, Libra? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that every choice is a binary one (good v. bad), you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to make the “right” decision. Rather than attempting to come out unscathed, which is almost always impossible, focus on finding your own inner compass to help lead the way. 

Libra rules Justice, a card that teaches us about equality and, well, justice. 

Scorpio – Death
Seven of Cups

Find the feeling, Scorpio. It might be time to kill the notion that any one circumstance is responsible for our happiness. But pay attention to the emotions you assign those choices – are you chasing fulfillment? adventure? contentment? You can begin cultivating those more spiritual desires without having to change a thing about the structure of your life. 

Scorpio rules Death, a card that teaches us about impermanence and rebirth. 

Sagittarius – Temperance
Five of Wands

Keep your cool, Sag! I know the creative process can be a rocky one – one minute we are clear, inspired and elated and the next we plunge into despair and doubt. Be patient with yourself and be patient with others – remember that the “lows” are just part of the cycle. Challenge yourself to show up and hold space for whatever arises without judgement. 

Sagittarius rules Temperance, a card that teaches us about co-creation and alchemy. 

Capricorn – Devil
King of Pentacles

Sharing is caring, Capricorn! You are wise and rational this season, but it’s important not to get so practical that you become blind to the needs of others. Abundance doesn’t have to breed greed – you know that – so think of how you can contribute to building a strong community. Notice how this evolves your understanding of leadership.

Capricorn rules The Devil, a card that teaches us about addiction and liberation.

Aquarius – The Star
Ace of Swords

Your mind is a powerful place, Aquarius! And I know sometimes that power is hard to wrap your hands around. This season, you’ll have the courage and conviction to share paired with a spark of clarity that helps you find the right words. It will feel like the a-ha moment you’ve been waiting for. Don’t shy away from speaking your truth. 

Aquarius rules The Star, a card that teaches us about healing and nonconformity. 

Pisces – The Moon
King of Cups

Harness your imagination, Pisces! Your sensitivity gives your vision depth and when paired with action, you are unstoppable. Remember that softness and emotional intelligence is more valuable than blind ambition in the long run so don’t shy away from wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s a sign of strength. 

Pisces rules The Moon, a card that teaches us about our inner depths and wildness. 

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