How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
30 Apr 2015

Anne Klein roll sleeve tunic blouse

FASHIONFIT: Anne Klein c/o // LINEN TUNIC BLOUSE: Anne Klein c/o // CROSS BODY BAG: Anne Klein c/o // DENIM (ON SALE!) // HEELS // SUNGLASSES

 Everyone that knows me well, or even not so well, knows that I’m not a huge fitness fan. I’m just not one of those people that likes going to gym (does anyone actually like it?). I’ll admit I do feel good after I take a yoga or barre class but it takes every ounce of my will power to work out. That said, one of my favorite things about living in Newport is walking around and exploring. Despite having lived here for the majority of my 30 years, I still find myself discovering new places and marveling at the beauty that exists in our little town. This winter was absolutely brutal, in case you don’t remember me complaining about it every day for the last several months, so I’ve been taking full advantage of every sunny day we’ve had lately. And what has me even more motivated to get outside and walking (besides Nora of course) is my new FashionFit from Anne Klein. Who knew counting steps could be so much fun?! At this point I’m basically addicted at beating my own record everyday, but it’s such a great way to challenge yourself to get up and get moving throughout the day. I can’t tell you how many days go by where I barely leave my desk. It’s awful for my body and my mind. I got my FashionFit only a few days ago and I’ve noticed an immediate change in how I go about my day. I’m always looking for ways to get outside and increase my steps, and at the end of the day I feel amazing. The FashionFit keeps track of your steps, miles, calories burned and tracks your sleep (it’s a watch too) and syncs up with your phone so you can see your progress week by week. And I love the sleek and minimal design of the simple black with gold accents, so chic (there’s an interchangeable gold band too if you’re looking to dress it up). I’ve been rocking it every day. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some steps to get under my belt before lunch time!  P.S. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this is the perfect gift!


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Anne Klein fashion fit watchAnne Klein Fashion fit watch, tommy hilfiger boyfriend jeans, steve madden nude heelsProsecco & Plaid, newport, ri, fort adams, anne klein linen tunicTommy Hilfiger Distressed Boyfriend JeansProsecco & Plaid, Linen Tunic BlouseIMG_9873IMG_9870

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Anne Klein for awhile now- her pieces fit so well and are the perfect classics!

    Xx Taylor

    4.30.15 | Reply
  2. Natali wrote:

    Such an elegant and minimalistic outfit! Love the bag, it’s a very classy piece!

    4.30.15 | Reply
  3. Diana wrote:

    Super cute outfit!

    || D I A N A ||

    4.30.15 | Reply
  4. kelsey wrote:

    adore that watch! love this whole look too!
    ladies in navy

    4.30.15 | Reply
  5. Allie wrote:

    Love this look, and these photos are gorgeous! <3

    Glitter Boots & Champagne Flutes

    5.1.15 | Reply
  6. syazwaana wrote:

    I really love that watch. And that bag too. I can’t find them in my country, Malaysia. ='(

    5.31.15 | Reply
  7. Alli wrote:

    I just bought this watch, and I can NOT get it to turn on!! I bought one, couldn’t turn it on, exchanged it for another, couldn’t get that one to turn on, and then exchanged THAT one and got a third!!! Now this one won’t turn on either! I’m assuming at this point it’s user error… do you have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?!

    8.6.15 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Oh no, Im so sorry to hear that Alli. I didn’t have that experience, mine worked right away. But I’m going to forward your comment on to the Anne Klein team and see if they can provide additional assistance for you.

      8.8.15 | Reply
      • Patty Witcher wrote:

        I have the same problem – this is the second watch (the first was returned because it would not turn on and was a Christmas gift for my daughter) – brought the second one home and charged it and it won’t turn on either. Cannot find any site for troubleshooting. Very frustrated at this point! Help!

        12.26.15 | Reply
    • Cristina Bisciglia wrote:

      I am having that problem too!

      10.15.15 | Reply
    • Paula wrote:

      Didi you got it to work or not? I’m having the same problem, I charged it like for 4 hours and nothing it just turns on when it’s charging and shows the battery carging but doesn’t work 🙁

      11.26.15 | Reply
      • Patty Witcher wrote:

        I have the same problem – this is the second watch (the first was returned because it would not turn on and was a Christmas gift for my daughter) – brought the second one home and charged it and it won’t turn on either. Cannot find any site for troubleshooting. Very frustrated at this point! Help!

        12.26.15 | Reply
      • Mackenzie wrote:

        Has anyone figured out why these watches are not working? I also got one for Christmas and it will not turn on.

        12.27.15 | Reply
  8. Tiffney Johnson wrote:

    I purchased mine yesterday and it will NOT work. So frustrating

    11.9.15 | Reply
  9. linda wrote:

    Dod anyone figure the watch out? Mine will not turn on either…its fully charged, i held 3 O clolck down as instructed and nothing!!!

    12.4.15 | Reply
  10. Kim wrote:

    I also cannot get it to turn on, I’ve tried everything including charging it overnight and it shows fully charged but will not operate. There is no forum online for help… Did anyone figure this out??

    12.21.15 | Reply
  11. keisha wrote:

    Can’t get mine to turn on either.

    12.27.15 | Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    I haven’t figured mine out either! I got mine for Christmas and she got it from Macy’s. Has anyone figured it out?

    1.10.16 | Reply
  13. nourh wrote:

    I have same of this watch put until now I can’t turn it …can you help me?

    1.20.16 | Reply
  14. nourh wrote:

    I have same of this watch but until now I cant turn on it

    1.20.16 | Reply
  15. Ana Luiza wrote:

    I have the same problem, it doesn’t turn on. always shows fully charge, but it doesn’t turn on

    can you help me?

    1.24.16 | Reply
  16. Erica wrote:

    I just received this watch as a gift will not turn on. This is the second one because the first one did the same thing. Not happy at all has anyone had luck with getting it to work?

    1.30.16 | Reply
  17. Jr wrote:

    Frustrated too

    2.6.16 | Reply
  18. Kathryn wrote:

    I see a lot of comments from people who’s watches didn’t work, but no responses as to what to do to fix it. I received mine as a gift from my daughter and it won’t turn on.

    3.29.16 | Reply
  19. Michelle wrote:

    I was having the same problem, my watch wouldn’t turn on after charging but I emailed the company, as listed in the back of the instructions and warranty booklet, and they were very happy to replace the module for free, even sending it to me in Australia at no charge. My new one seems to be working fine with no problems. Just email a copy of your receipt to E. Gluck Corporation, who make the watches for Anne Klein, and they’ll get in touch. My replacement came within two weeks.

    4.27.16 | Reply
  20. Keturah Jones wrote:

    I too am having trouble getting it to turn on. We have returned it twice.

    2.7.17 | Reply

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