Making a Case for the Hoodie

Jess Ann Kirby wears a black hoodie from Tora surfboards
Jess Ann Kirby wearing the form jeans from AYR and a hoodie from Tora surfboards

Craig lives in hoodies and sweatshirts, he loves them, and in all honesty I’ve been kinda judgey about it. And then I bought a black hoodie for myself from Neil at Tora Surfboards over the holidays and I basically haven’t taken it off since. I remember my old hoodies from high school, I had one for every sport, tennis, hockey and volleyball. Having to wear a uniform to school everyday, the hoodies were my way of beating the system a little bit on game days. And wearing them made me proud, to be an athlete and a teammate. Maybe it’s the nostalgia or the fact that they kinda make me feel like a badass, maybe it’s just because they’re really comfortable. Whatever it is, I’m making the case for the comeback of the hoodie. Oh, and GO PATS.

How to wear a hoodie on Jess Ann Kirby
Jess Kirby wears a hoodie from Tora surfboards in Newport, RI
Jess Kirby wearing a bomber jacket, hoodie and boyfriend jeans in Newport
Velvet bomber jacket and hoodie on Jess Ann Kirby
Jess Kirby wears a hoodie and boyfriend jeans with studded boots

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  1. Jenn Lake wrote:

    Perfect weekend outfit! Have a great Sunday, lady!

    1.22.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks Jenn!

      1.23.17 | Reply
  2. Natali wrote:

    Wow! Super cool jacket and boots! You’re totally rocking this outfit!

    1.22.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much.

      1.23.17 | Reply
  3. Liv wrote:

    Love the edgy vibe!


    1.22.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks girl!

      1.23.17 | Reply

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