Living Sustainably While Traveling

Jess Ann Kirby travels more sustainably thanks to the LARQ water purifying water bottle.

Some of you may remember this post from a few months ago when I was first introduced to the LARQ Bottle. On my quest to eliminate single use plastic from my life, which honestly is so much harder than it should be, there were three main things I committed to stop using, plastic water bottles, plastic shopping bags and plastic straws. Luckily, plastic bags are banned on the island (though paper is not a good alternative) so I have re-usable bags I bring with me and always leave extras in the car in case I forget. Plastic straws were pretty easy, at home I use glass, it wasn’t something I bought anyway, and when I’m out I ask for no straw. But eliminating plastic water bottles, easy enough, right? It can be, and yet there are more than a million bottles added to landfills every minute. That is honestly a startling and depressing statistic.

Typically there’s a few main reasons people (including myself) reach for plastic water bottles, convenience and cleanliness (inability to get clean water from tap). Regular water bottles can be hard to clean, many don’t purify water, and the easiest solution is to grab a plastic water bottle. This was always my biggest challenge when traveling, until I got the LARQ Bottle. Craig and I each have one (the Granite White and Seaside Mint) and it has made our goal to stop using plastic water bottles so much easier. Honestly I can’t actually remember the last time I bought a plastic water bottle. Of course it’s not just for traveling, I use it everyday, when I’m at a workout class, running errands, and even at home to help me keep track of how much water I’m drinking.

So how does it work?

The LARQ Bottle has UV-C LED technology that emits UV-C light to eradicate bacteria and viruses, and eliminating harmful, odor- causing germs. It eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and some viruses and at the same time keeps your bottle clean. You can rude the bottle in two modes, Normal Mode (60-second cycle) and Adventure mode (3 minute cycle), so you can choose based on what you’re doing. The bottle is also rechargeable and one charge can last up 1-2 months (yes seriously!). I charged our bottles before leaving for Charleston and didn’t need to think about it again. There’s also no need to worry about replacing filters, etc.

Why make the switch?

Plastic pollution is a serious problem. Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (insert crying emoji). The majority of plastic waste (around 91% ) isn’t recycled. Most plastics don’t biodegrade and the result is plastic waste that exists for hundreds and potentially thousands of years. That waste ends up harming the planet and our environment, particularly our oceans. I’ve noticed that the best way for me to reduce my impact on the environment is to set myself up for success. The LARQ Bottle makes it easy. I have access to clean water wherever I go. Every change we make as individuals has an impact. Also it’s a pretty sleek lookin bottle if you ask me.

Jess Ann Kirby always packs her LARQ water bottle on trips, so that she can eliminate the need for plastic water bottles while traveling.

Jess Ann Kirby takes her LARQ water bottle on the go in Charleston in her goals to eliminate plastic water bottles from her life.

Thanks to LARQ for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Rach wrote:

    This water bottle is genius! For sure want to try them out!

    4.9.19 | Reply
  2. Isabel wrote:

    You are so right about plastic bottles.. they can be so convenient, and have such a huge impact on the environment at the same time… I also struggle with packing my food when I am traveling and not using plastic to keep it fresh.

    It’s overall just much easier to be sustainable while at home.


    4.9.19 | Reply
    • Cat wrote:

      I really like using reusable food wrap (like Bee’s Wrap or you can make your own). If you are traveling with little foods (like trail mix), I use a reusable cloth bag (I really like Market Bags or you can make your own). I use the cloth bags for buying bulk but they are also awesome for traveling!


      4.9.19 | Reply
  3. Cat wrote:

    Plastic! It is so bad! I try to reduce my plastic usage but it is hard and especially during traveling! I am an appreciator of filtered water (I hate the taste of tap), but during traveling it is so hard to find filtered water. During my most recent trip to Nashville, my family and I went through three cases of water and it broke my heart at how much we were using. This water bottle sounds so cool! I can’t wait to try it out!


    4.9.19 | Reply

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