Living Room Reveal + Rove Concepts Hugo Sectional Review

Craig and I realized that it was almost a year ago that we bought our house. Wow, how far we’ve come. From the inside, this place is completely different. From the outside, not so much, haha, that’s our summer project. It has been really fun and rewarding to create a space that is perfect for us and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. One thing we’ve realized throughout this process is that renovating and decorating a home is a process, one that inevitably always takes longer than you would hope. Taking impulse out of the decision making process is so important, and prevents a lot of wasted time (and money). We already have some slight changes we want to make, installing a sliding door leading out to the patio, changing the paint color and a few furniture DIYs but we’re living in the space for a bit before we do anything else. I’ve included links to everything (that is linkable) below. Let me know what you think!
Jess Ann Kirby's living room before her home renovation.
Jess Ann Kirby reveals her living room renovation after a year of home ownership

The Renovations

The first thing we did when we moved in was paint all the walls. We used Benjamin Moore Paper White, but we’re planning on painting the walls again with Farrow & Ball Wimborne White which we used on the trim and love. Craig ripped out the old mantle piece and installed a (stained) piece of driftwood he found on the beach above the pellet stove. We painted the doors in Farrow & Ball Wimborne White and put in new door knobs. Over the summer we decided to refinish the floors. Craig did a light sanding with a floor sander we rented from Home Depot and then used a waterproof stain and sealer (color tint: Pinto White), finishing with a coat of water-based polyurethane (in satin finish). We decorated the living room over the space of several months (basically almost a year). We went with a mix of high and low pieces, some DIYs and a goal of feeling cozy above all else (it is @thecozyranch after all). Because our house is so small and the kitchen, living, and dining room are one open area we have to utilize the space really well. Lots of plants scattered throughout the room lend that feeling of bringing the outdoors in. I haven’t put up window treatments yet because I love how you can see the trees in the backyard from the sofa. Since there’s nothing behind us, it’s pretty private in the back so for now I’m leaving it open and bright. Our next project is to knock down the wall next to the door that leads to the backyard and install sliding doors which will really make the space feel more open and bright.

Jess Ann Kirby styles her living room with stylish pieces like a terracotta pot from Anthropologie
Jess Ann Kirby relaxes on her new blue velvet sofa
Jess Ann Kirby decorated her living room with the Hugo sectional in vintage solstice

The Hugo Sectional

The first thing everyone comments on when they walk in is our hugo sectional sofa from Rove Concepts. Probably because you can’t miss it since we don’t have an actual entryway, which is exactly why I wanted something that was a statement piece but also could be lived in. I can’t say enough about how much I love it. It comfortably fits the five of us, with room to spare, and you can’t help but melt right into it. The velvet is soft and sturdy. I get a lot of questions about how it is with pet hair and honestly it’s not an issue. I do use throw blankets but I can easily vacuum hair (the dyson v8 animal is a game changer) without it getting stuck to the fabric. The back pillows are all separate and different sizes so you can move them around to your liking. The bottom cushions velcro to the base of the couch so they don’t slip around but you can easily pull them up to clean. I also really love the sophia sectional but we decided on the hugo to utilize the space we had since there wasn’t enough room for any other furniture in that space anyway. Rove Concepts is having a 15% off sale site wide this weekend so use code MAR15 if you make any purchases! They have tons of fabric and color options so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Jess Ann Kirby reviews her Rove Concepts Hugo sectional couch
Jess Ann Kirby creates a faux entryway in her renovated living room
Jess Ann Kirby uses woven planters as home decor
Jess Ann Kirby reveals her living room renovation featuring a velvet sectional sofa
Jess Ann Kirby relaxes on her blue velvet sofa with a blush faux fur throw blanket
Jess Ann Kirby's home renovations includes a white brick mantle and pellet stove

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  1. Natali wrote:

    Oh wow! I’m so inspired! You did a great job and have a very good taste in home interior/ decor.
    Love your living room!

    3.10.18 | Reply
  2. Lori wrote:

    I also have a blue velvet sofa, and recently got the Dyson V8 Animal. Total game-changer! So small, so powerful! ( I don’t have pets, but I have long hair and shed like a scurry of molting squirrels.)

    I love the renovation and design, as well.

    3.10.18 | Reply
  3. Lynn wrote:

    I love the house decor . I was looking for an are rug to make my open living area more cozy and I found a bit smaller blue and white rug . I wonder if you use a pad underneath it. My floor is tile so it may slip. I just love the whole room . My husbands so happy I got out of your fashion posts and had to have so many things and into home decor ?

    3.10.18 | Reply
  4. Lynn wrote:

    I love the house decor . I was looking for an area rug to make my open living area a bit more cozy and I found a bit smaller 8 x 10 blue and white rug similar to yours. . I wonder if you use a pad underneath it? My floor is tile so it may slip. I just love the colors and style of the whole room . My husband is so happy I got out of your fashion posts where I bought so many great things and became more interested in your home decor ?

    3.10.18 | Reply
  5. Rach wrote:

    You guys did an AMAZING job with the living room renovations. Seriously love the decor and every space!

    3.11.18 | Reply
  6. Michelle Johnson wrote:

    So pretty! That couch looks very comfy. I love all the sunlight coming in!

    3.12.18 | Reply
  7. Erin wrote:

    Literally IN LOVE with your decor. You have such great style.

    3.12.18 | Reply
  8. smoothielover07 wrote:

    Girl, you guys did such a good job! I hope you’ll be able to upload a video on your reveal to YouTube soon! ; I miss your vlogs/reveals! 😀

    3.14.18 | Reply
  9. Caroline B wrote:

    Such a pretty living room! The blue sofa and fireplace setup is super cool + you can never go wrong with too many plants. You have a seriously cool space!

    Much love

    3.15.18 | Reply
    • Brittany wrote:

      I really hope you get this. I’ve been interested in the Rove sectional but have read some terrible reviews. How has your couch held up material wise and as well say the cushions? And, has it faded? I really appreciate your time!

      4.14.20 | Reply
      • Jess wrote:

        I can only speak to the velvet but the fabric has held up really well. The cushions are great too they just need occasional fluffing. The seat cushion is firm so that’s the only thing if you like a softer seat you might not like that.

        4.15.20 | Reply
  10. Becky wrote:

    I absolutely love the velvet sofa! The shopping link for it doesn’t seem to be the same couch unless it just looks a little different? I have been searching every where for a sofa like this but I can’t find one that the back cushions are loose and not so proper/stiff! Can you tell me if the link for the couch is the one you have or point me in the right direction? Thank you bunches!!!

    3.17.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Hi Becky,
      Yes the link is to the exact same sofa, the pillows are loose!

      3.18.18 | Reply
  11. Allie wrote:

    Looks absolutely stunning! I love the sectional but was wondering if you had any issues with Rove Concepts? I have read some very positive/negative reviews about their products. Wondering what your experience was since they are very pricey.

    4.17.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      I haven’t no. The sectional is incredible quality. Not sure if the negative reviews are in regards to quality or customer service? The sectional took a while to be delivered but it was a custom order so that is to be expected and they did give us a window of delivery so we knew what to expect. We also have a dining table from them that I love. So we’ve had a good experience with the two things we have from them. I ordered some smaller concrete planters as well that are great.

      4.19.18 | Reply
  12. Reclaimed Wood Furniture wrote:

    It’s lovely. I really liked these ideas to update The Living Room. Thanks for sharing this post.

    6.7.18 | Reply
  13. La-la wrote:

    Love the room! By chance do you remember where you purchased the blue side cabinet?

    6.12.18 | Reply
  14. Miranda wrote:

    Wow! This is incredible. I’m in love with the flooring and the couch. I’ve been wanting to refinish our floors and go for a Scandinavian whitewashed look, so thanks so much for sharing the info. Beautiful beautiful job!

    7.8.18 | Reply
  15. virgilia wrote:

    Hi! Where did you get your center table from?

    11.13.18 | Reply
  16. Bethany wrote:

    Is this Hugo sectional in the vintage velvet solstice color?

    12.6.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Yes it is!

      12.7.18 | Reply
  17. Jeremy wrote:

    Lovely! How firm is the seat cushion as I prefer a more European firmness vs. the soft US style? I read in comments that you found the back cushions to be comfortably soft.

    1.24.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      The actual seat is pretty firm, but the back cushions are soft.

      1.24.19 | Reply
  18. Elizabeth wrote:

    Hi Jess! I love the couch – did you do the vintage velvet solstice or the plush velvet cobalt? Thanks!

    2.22.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Hi Elizabeth, we have the vintage velvet solstice.

      2.25.19 | Reply
  19. Kate wrote:

    Hey Jess, loved this post! Have a quick question on the sofa fabric. I just took delivery of the Rove Nico in Solstice and feel that the velvet is a lesser quality than that pictured on your Hugo, it’s a finer and shinier velvet than I expected, sadly it’s not as cushiony a sofa either. Given we both have pets and my last sofa was a similar blue velvet that stood the tests of day-to-day living is there anything you have done to wear the velvet in? Mine seems to attract fluff at a rate that’s unstoppable and within 24 hrs of delivery it’s suffered a large scratch in the upholstery just from my jeans. Any help or advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    3.3.19 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Hi Kate,

      Our velvet fabric is shiny too but not sure if it’s different? Ours is definitely not thin, and after almost two years has done really well, it’s great with pet hair too which is why we love it. The seat is definitely firm on ours and the back cushions are soft. I do have throws on mine just to help protect the fabric but it’s quite sturdy. Maybe the different colors are not the same fabric? I put the vacuum right on the fabric on mine and it’s totally fine.

      3.4.19 | Reply
      • Kate wrote:

        Thanks Jess! Appreciate the response, I really think it comes down to this being a different fabric (sadly) I love Rove’s products so will hopefully find a solution to this and a few other issues. Thanks for sharing your journey and insights. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

        3.4.19 | Reply
  20. Donya wrote:

    Love, love the decor, especially the sofa. I see the color is the velvet solstice, so I ordered a swatch. What I received seems to be more teal (darker). Is your couch the same color as the picture or is your camera flash making it lighter? Did you happen to get a swatch beforehand and were the colors the same? Your color is exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m hesitant with the swatch being a lot darker.

    Your help is much appreciated :).

    3.8.19 | Reply
  21. Marilyn Haney wrote:

    here can i purchase comfy couch as yours with velvet washed out shabby chic colors???

    5.29.19 | Reply
  22. Joanne wrote:

    What are the dimensions of the living room and kitchen?

    12.19.19 | Reply
  23. Ines wrote:

    Hi! What color and size is your rug? I love your living room!

    3.26.20 | Reply
  24. Rebecca Mebel wrote:

    Is your Hugo sectional upholstered in vintage velvet solstice?

    9.5.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Yes it is!

      9.6.20 | Reply
  25. Jackie Eshelman wrote:

    What color and fabric is your sectional

    9.12.20 | Reply
  26. Dikla wrote:

    Wow! amazing decor! you are one of the most talented people I’ve ever came across.
    I’m new here.. from far away Israel.. Have to say that reading your blog feels like I’m drifted to magical places..the decor, the pictures, the writing and detailed explenations and links.. everything is perfect! keep the good job!

    It would be great if you can share where is the wooden wall hooks?


    11.26.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thank you so much. They are from West Elm.

      11.30.20 | Reply
  27. Jennifer yerardi wrote:

    Did you get the custom order vintage velvet in solstice?

    6.1.22 | Reply

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