Linen Shirtdress at the Dahlia Shed

Jess Ann Kirby wears the Elspeth Linen Shirtdress at Anthropologie and Kaanas Bow Sandals
Jess Ann Kirby styles an Anthropologie Linen Shirtdress with bow sandals by Kaanas

I am slightly embarrassed to admit I forgot about this dress. I think that means I need to organize and clean out my closet, again. I got this linen shirtdress when I visited Anthropologie back in May, but at the time it was still way too cold to think about wearing it. Fast forward to a very hot and humid summer weekend and I was trying to find something lightweight and chic, and it was already in my closet (actually buried on a rack in my office which is a complete disaster right now). It was the perfect option for a hot summer morning. So Craig and I woke up extra early to go shoot in Amy’s flower fields at the Dahlia Shed. It’s crazy to me that up until a year ago I honestly didn’t really know much about dahlias (I hadn’t seen many of them either). Now, they are hands down my favorite flower. Trips to the Dahlia Shed are basically the highlight of my week. Shooting in the fields felt even more special and I think I stopped at every variety to say “no this one is my favorite.” If you’re local, this September there’s a workshop at the Dahlia shed where you get to walk through the fields (they aren’t open to the public) and create your own floral design with Kim from Greenlion. I’ll be doing a giveaway for a spot at the workshop later today on the Cozy Ranch Instagram. In other news, I filmed another vlog so that will be going up on my YouTube channel this week, along with some other videos including a new room tour. Have a great week!

Jess Ann Kirby visits the Dahlia Shed in a white linen shirtdress by Elspeth at Anthropologie
Jess Ann Kirby spends a Sunday visting the Dahlia shed for fresh blooms in a white linen dress by Elspeth
Jess Ann Kirby styles the Anthropologie Elspeth Shirtdress with a straw hat
Jess Ann Kirby wears a linen dress to the Dahlia Shed in Middletown Rhode Island
Jess Ann Kirby gathers a bouquet of dahlias in the Elspeth Linen Shirtdress from Anthropologie
Jess Ann Kirby styles a weekend look with a white linen dress, sandals and a straw hat
Jess Ann Kirby picks Drama Queen dahlias at the Dahlia Shed in Middletown Rhode Island
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Jess Ann Kirby spends at Sunday at the Dahlia Shed in Middletown Rhode Island | Click. Read. Love. 7.18.21

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  1. Rach wrote:

    Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers and my parents would always have a a garden full of them! This Dahlia Shed sounds like a dream! And I love your linen dress!

    7.30.18 | Reply
  2. caroline wrote:

    Such a ladylike look! Would be great for brunch or an afternoon tea!
    x0x0 Caro

    7.30.18 | Reply
  3. Serena wrote:

    I am in love with the look and feel of your entire post, especially if I talk about the linen dress “I am head over heels” Great style 🙂


    8.1.18 | Reply