Vermont Nursery Makeover

After the kitchen and the living room (which isn’t actually quite done) our priority was finishing Marin’s bedroom. It’s a small room in somewhat of…
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My Plant Based Grocery List

A plant based diet is centered around eating food primarily from plants. It can be similar to a vegan diet, however being plant based doesn’t…
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Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is essential and inevitable. There’s just no way around it, and dare I say, I kind of enjoy it. Or maybe I just love the end result? With a baby, a cat and a dog, the dirt, dust, and…
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5 Things from the Serena & Lily Spring Sale

Random fact about me: I love looking through the spring and summer catalogues of home decor brands. Now it’s more click through because I’ve unsubscribed from every mail catalogue. Yes the styling is wildly unrealistic and most of it I…
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Food Pantry Organization Tips

A year ago our pantry was an absolute disaster, so right before Marin was born we dedicated a day to getting it organized and now it gives me so much peace of mind. Having our pantry organized, makes it so…
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The Benefits of Heating with Propane

One of the most exciting things for me when we bought the Vermont house was the propane fireplace. Having grown up with wood burning and then using a pellet stove in the RI house, I was SO relieved to have…
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