How To Plan A Home Renovation Project

cozy ranch kitchen How is everyone doing today? I hope you had a celebratory weekend. I had some amazing and heartwarming conversations with many of you the last few days and it has brought me a lot of joy. And…
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How We Designed Our IKEA PAX Wardrobe

Finallyyyyy. I am really excited to share this post because I’ve received so many questions about our IKEA PAX wardrobe. I am hoping this post helps answer a lot of them. When we first started planning our addition (converting our…
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We Bought Another Fixer Upper!

We bought a house in Vermont! It feels a bit surreal to share this news, honestly up until now it hasn’t really hit me that we actually bought a house in Vermont. We’ve been talking about doing this for the…
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Is The Samsung Frame TV Worth It?

I get asked about all sorts of things in our house. Furniture, mattresses, linens, paint, floors, countertops, but one thing I get asked about a lot is our Samsung Frame TVs. I bought the first one two years ago mainly…
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