Click. Read. Love. 1.17.20

Happy Friday. We’re in full nesting mode over here while also working away on the addition and trying to crank out as much work as…
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Click. Read. Love. 1.10.20

Lots of things happening over here, the addition is moving along and we're making final decisions about the ceiling and flooring before Craig gets started…
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Master Bathroom Inspiration

A few months ago, building an addition was just a pipe dream, now it's very much a reality. When I found out I was pregnant in June we decided to convert our garage into a master bedroom/bathroom. The best way…
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Click. Read. Love. 1.3.20

Happy Friday, in case you forgot what day it is, haha. We’ve had some nice time off but I’m ready to get back in the swing of things and buckle down for the next few weeks while I still have…
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Ok So I Lied…My Goals for 2020

image via A few weeks ago someone asked what my goals were for 2020, my answer was a combination of I don’t know and I’m not going to worry about it. It was somewhat of a knee jerk reaction in…
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