10 Last Minute Date Ideas

By Kelley Boymer
27 Apr 2022

As warmer weather approaches, we are all beginning to emerge from our winter hibernation and looking to get out and about. We get wrapped up in our busy lives and often times date night is one of the first things to go, but prioritizing a night (or day) out with your partner can be so beneficial for your relationship. It can be difficult to carve out time for date night, but these outings are an essential ingredient in keeping the romance alive. Sometimes planning a date can feel like one more thing on the to do list, but it doesn’t need to be elaborate. The important part is spending quality time with your partner. Spur-of-the-moment date nights can be the most fun and exciting. It has been shown that couples who prioritize date nights experience better communication, affection and gratitude for each other and desire to spend more time together. If that fire or spark seems to be dwindling try to reignite that flame with a fun, romantic or adventurous date with your loved one.

Date night doesn’t need to be limited to your stereotypical night out at a restaurant, although I do love a romantic night out being wined and dined. Date night could incorporate a common hobby or even an opportunity to try something new together. Today I’m sharing some fun suggestions for you and your partner to enjoy each others company with some last minute date ideas.

10 Last Minute Date Ideas


Spring and summer offer the opportunity for relaxing outdoor adventures like a walk or hike to a beautiful picnic destination. What better way to enjoy each others company, than with a beautiful view and some delicious charcuterie and possibly a bubbly drink to make it special. Bring a backpack filled with goodies, blanket to sit on and enjoy the opportunity to relax together without distraction.

Road Trip

Recently we went on a family day trip to a nearby town and explored the shops and restaurants there. It was so refreshing to get out of town and see something new and different. Although I loved having our little guy along for our adventure, I may or may not have fantasized about how fun it would have been without baby meals and naps to work around. Pick a fun destination about an hour or two away and do a little research or ask around to get recommendations for things to do and places to eat.

Play a Sport

My husband and I are both fairly competitive and love playing sports. There is nothing like some exercise and competition to build that fire in a relationship. We enjoy playing tennis and golf together, most of the time… (HA!) but you could also try basketball, pool, ping pong, corn hole, mini golf etc. Make it fun and maybe grab a bite to eat after, loser pays!

Outdoor Concert/Cinema

Our community has some pretty amazing outdoor concert options during the summer. If you are the social type and enjoy entertainment and the outdoors, watching a concert or movie are great options. Check out local options for drive-in/outdoor movies and concerts. Here are a few local venues to check out: East End Park-Music by the River, Artistree-Music on the Hill, Feast & Field Market.

Take an Art or Cooking Class

Unfortunately my husband and I are not the artsy type, but I do think taking a pottery or painting class together could be fun or at least provide us with some laughs. We both love to cook so trying a cooking class that pushes us a little bit out of our comfort zone or encourages us to try something new would be really fun. If you’re local in Vermont, Artistree offers great opportunities for adult art and cooking classes and the instructors are amazing!

Go For a Hike, Bike, or Walk

Pick a special place to hike, bike or walk with your special someone. It could be to a destination for a picnic or restaurant for a bite to eat, coffee or drinks.

Restaurant/Coffee Shop

There is something about a classic sit down meal that you just can’t quite recreate at home. The ease of having someone else take care of the cooking and cleaning and being served is such a treat. Make it special by picking a new place or trying a different kind of food or maybe you have a favorite spot that you haven’t been to in a while. Getting out just the two of you to enjoy a meal together can’t be beat!

Double Date with Friends

Sometimes it is fun to incorporate some friends in the mix! Maybe there is a couple that you and your partner get along with really well or maybe there is a new couple that you want to get to know better. Take this opportunity to enjoy a night or day out together and choose an activity whether it is a hike, concert or meal that you all will enjoy.

Stay at Home Date

So honestly, this one is not my favorite because it never feels quite like a date when I know our baby is sleeping upstairs… BUT if expenses are tight or getting a sitter is not an option, there are ways to make staying home special too. Plan a special meal and cook together or maybe order takeout and enjoy the luxury of not cooking. Pick a special movie or show to binge and cuddle up on the couch. Make it special by doing something out of your ordinary routine. Maybe play a board game or light a candle at dinner. Step outside to look at the moon or make popcorn to enjoy with your movie. Here are a few of my favorite movie recs for your night in: adventure-Dune, action-Spiderman No Way Home, “whodunit” mystery- Death on the Nile, suspense- Last Night in Soho.

Watch a Sports Game

If you’re not in the mood to play sports, you can still channel that competitive energy by doing a date night out at a sporting event. After a long winter, we all need a little excitement in our lives to bring us back to life. The enthusiasm and passion is palpable and contagious at sporting events. Hit up a basketball, baseball, tennis, or lacrosse event for something new and different.

Looking to extend your date? Try an overnight or weekend camping trip or stay at a nearby location you’ve been dying to explore. Enjoy some extended time just the two of you to have deep conversations, laughs and fun! Dates are such a fun way to bring life, love and pleasure back into your relationship. Whether you are in need of some rekindling or not, dates are an important part of romantic relationships and help keep that spark alive.

What are your favorite date night or day ideas? What ways do you keep your relationship fun and fresh?

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