June Tarotstrology: Cancer Tarotscopes

By Janine Mulone
21 Jun 2020

When thinking about Cancer season, this year in particular, a Brene Brown phrase comes to mind: “Strong back, soft front, wild heart”. We are in the midst of a huge upheaval on many levels walking into the Summer of 2020, and the transformation is really just beginning. Can we remain rooted in our integrity? Do we have the humility to change our minds? Are we willing to follow the call of a new way of being or thinking or living?

These are revolutionary times, and I can’t think of a better energy to Channel in this moment then The Chariot. We may have found comfort or success, but when our eyes open to the work that lies ahead, will we remain perched on our parade float or will we get out and march?

Below you’ll find a mini reading for each sign that takes into account 3 cards for your Cancer season (June 20 – July 22):

  1. The Chariot 
  2. The Major Arcana card your sign rules
  3. An intuitive pull – just like in a reading with me – for each sign

In Tarot, Cancer rules The Chariot – the 7th card of the Major Arcana. This next month or so, we are being asked to seriously realign, make righteous choices and embrace the idea of rebuilding. May this season embolden you to recalibrate where you have fallen out of step with what truly matters to you.

Cancer — The Chariot

Ace of Wands

Mobilize your emotions, Cancer. You are known for your deep well of empathy — an asset when recognizing opportunity for change, but don’t let discomfort take over. This month, focus on what your emotions are telling you to do – how to evolve, where to move, what leading with heart really looks like.

Cancer rules The Chariot, a card that teaches us about alignment and forward momentum. 

Leo — Strength

7 of Wands

Lay down your armor, Leo. You have the strength and stamina for long term transformation, but only if you build in time to take care of yourself. A dead giveaway that you’re ready for rest? A frenzied feeling of defensiveness –  prioritize *what* you are fighting for, not who you’re fighting.

Leo rules Strength, a card that teaches us about resilience and vulnerability. 

Virgo — The Hermit

Queen of Cups RX

Your intuition is your North Star this month, Virgo. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with opinions, action items, directions from all sorts of outside sources, but your work in this moment is to connect to – and work on building trust with – your gut feelings.

Virgo rules The Hermit, a card that teaches us about going within and pacing ourselves.

Libra — Justice

Page of Wands

Changes are coming, Libra, and you’re leading the charge! Before you commit to the path, get clear on the outcomes you desire. It will be important to stay light on your feet – transformation like this rarely comes with an easy to follow roadmap and remaining adaptable will be paramount.

Libra rules Justice, a card that teaches us about equality and, well, justice. 

Scorpio — Death

Six of Cups

Don’t judge future outcomes based on past results, Scorpio. If you’re feeling tender, it may be time to do some self forgiveness work. Where is shame getting in the way of hopefulness? You have the ability to greet new information, new challenges, new experiences with an open-mind, but it requires you to tend to your own heart first.

Scorpio rules Death, a card that teaches us about impermanence and rebirth. 

Sagittarius — Temperance

Ten of Pentacles

Draft a vision for your ideal future, Sagittarius! This is bigger than money, we’re talking abundance. Articulate not only what success and a “rich” life looks like to you, but for your community, for the world. Identifying what feels good and what you want to see more of is a great place to start.

Sagittarius rules Temperance, a card that teaches us about co-creation and alchemy. 

Capricorn — Devil

Eight of Wands

Get comfortable not knowing, Capricorn. This is an action packed season for you, and things feel like they’re moving at lightning speed. Your priority is to stay present – not to try and predict where we’re headed or plan what comes next. Focus on connecting to the here and now.

Capricorn rules The Devil, a card that teaches us about addiction and liberation. 

Aquarius — The Star


Can you begin to see yourself as a leader, Aquarius? Your compassion and ability to explore nuance is a gift – you see things from all angles. Your work this month is to practice patience and self restraint as not to get swept away with the tide. Stay grounded.

Aquarius rules The Star, a card that teaches us about healing and nonconformity. 

Pisces — The Moon

Five of Wands

All parts of the process aren’t pretty, Pisces. Rather than judging the moments of frustration, defensiveness, and paralysis, try to see them for what they are – a phase, part of the cycle of transformation. Just because it’s challenging, doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path.

Pisces rules The Moon, a card that teaches us about our inner depths and wildness. 

Aries — The Emperor

Page of Swords RX

What is getting in the way of your ability to express yourself, Aries? It is a good time for introspection if miscommunications are arising or if you feel called to speak, but the words aren’t materializing. It’s important to know what we think before we expect to be able to articulate it.

Aries rules The Emperor, a card that teaches us about power and personal sovereignty. 

Taurus — The Hierophant

King of Cups

Don’t forget to engage with your emotions, Taurus, there is power in softness. You are brilliant at synthesizing information and jumping into action, but checking in with your heart ensures you remain in alignment – not simply following the crowd.

Taurus rules The Hierophant, a card that teaches us about truths and spiritual insight.

Gemini — The Lovers

King of Pentacles

This is a visionary month for you, Gemini. Your roots are growing deeper and stronger. Explore the ways you can embody the principles and values you hold in highest regard. What new ideas, opportunities, roadways would that open up?

Gemini rules The Lovers, a card that teaches us about balance and harmony.

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