July Tarotstrology: Leo Tarotscopes

By Janine Mulone
21 Jul 2020

Leo lets us know that Summer is waning. We are entering the last Zodiac season of summer, looking towards an uncertain Fall, and at the moment there is a lot of talk about progress (or lack thereof). There is a duality that this time and this card, Strength, asks us to hold – tenderness for ourselves where we are and the courage to continue to move forward. Are we willing to consider using  tenderness as a force for change or do we believe we must fight in order to transform?

Below you’ll find a mini reading for each sign that takes into account 3 cards for your Leo season (July 23 – August 22):

  1. Strength
  2. The Major Arcana card your sign rules
  3. An intuitive pull – just like in a reading with me – for each sign

In Tarot, Leo rules Strength – the 8th card of the Major Arcana. This next month or so, we are being asked to drop the armor, persevere, and be courageous without being forceful. May this fiery season give you the confidence to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Leo — Strength

8 of Pentacles

Slow and steady, Leo. You may be at the part everyone wants to skip – the commitment to daily, weekly progress. This may not be the most glamorous season, but what does it look like to be an apprentice to your dreams? To focus on incremental improvements instead of the massive leaps forward (that bring plenty of their own problems, BTW).

Leo rules Strength, a card that teaches us about resilience and vulnerability. 

Virgo — The Hermit

Wheel Of Fortune

Cause and effect is your focus, Virgo. Remember that movie Sliding Doors with Gwenyth Paltrow? This month you are not only taking steps forward, but you’re able to see how everyday decisions can have a big impact. Use this superpower and make sure you are in alignment with your values, your truth and your goals.

Virgo rules The Hermit, a card that teaches us about going within and pacing ourselves.

Libra — Justice

Ten of Wands

The burden isn’t all yours to carry, Libra. If you are feeling the sense of dread you used to get from group projects in school (you know the “forget it, I’ll do it myself” type), it’s time to take a step back and see where you can ask for help or delegate. If you’re feeling bitter or resentful, take some time to restore because that ain’t you babe.

Libra rules Justice, a card that teaches us about equality and, well, justice. 

Scorpio — Death

Two of Pentacles

There’s only so much you can do, Scorpio. Yes, you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce, but I’d be willing to bet Beyonce has incredible boundaries. If there is something you don’t need to be doing, or saying yes to, or aren’t comfortable with, remember “no” is a complete sentence. Use it and watch your time magically multiply.

Scorpio rules Death, a card that teaches us about impermanence and rebirth. 

Sagittarius — Temperance

The Empress RX

Reminder to unclench your jaw, Sagittarius! You may not feel comfortable loosening your grip on control, especially when you have a specific goal or intention in mind, but this is the perfect season to recognize what comes your way when you give yourself permission to receive it. Put that trust muscle to work.

Sagittarius rules Temperance, a card that teaches us about co-creation and alchemy. 

Capricorn — Devil

Page of Swords RX

Reframe and rephrase, Capricorn. Just because someone isn’t hearing you, doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to listen. This is a great time to explore different approaches to expressing your ideas, thoughts and opinions. Notice how it feels best to share and where you feel most heard and when you don’t have anything to say at all.

Capricorn rules The Devil, a card that teaches us about addiction and liberation. 

Aquarius — The Star

Eight of Wands

It’s a wild ride, Aquarius! What matters right now is how you’re showing up amidst uncertainty, not struggling to get answers that just, frankly, aren’t available. Use your intuition and tender heart to attend to what most needs healing as you await your destination – that way when you arrive you won’t be stuck dealing with jetlag.

Aquarius rules The Star, a card that teaches us about healing and nonconformity. 

Pisces — The Moon

Eight of Cups RX

It’s hard to say goodbye, Pisces, but when you know, you know. This season might bring a bit more cord cutting than creation, but that’s a-okay. You’re getting better at identifying what is truly aligned for you and what isn’t, which means your evolution will happen faster and with less friction.

Pisces rules The Moon, a card that teaches us about our inner depths and wildness. 

Aries — The Emperor

The Magician RX

You’re not sitting idly by, Aries, this season you’re turning lemons into lemonade. Not because you have to, but because you can’t take another second of waiting for conditions to be perfect. You are a bit of a MacGyver this month, so let this serve as a reminder that you can always work with what you’ve got.

Aries rules The Emperor, a card that teaches us about power and personal sovereignty. 

Taurus — The Hierophant

10 of Cups

Look up every once in a while, Taurus. Don’t get so caught up in your vision for the future that you forget to show up in the present. It’s just as important to notice what you want more of (love, intimacy, connection, creativity) as it is to identify where there are huge opportunities for growth.

Taurus rules The Hierophant, a card that teaches us about truths and spiritual insight.

Gemini — The Lovers

Four of Pentacles

Hold your boundaries, Gemini! You may be stepping into this season feeling overwhelmed, under pressure or scattered, so this is the time to protect your energy. Does that mean completely isolating and shutting down? No way! You’ll be surprised at what a little spaciousness will do for your sanity.

Gemini rules The Lovers, a card that teaches us about balance and harmony.

Cancer — The Chariot

Knight of Pentacles

What you pay attention to grows, Cancer. It’s no doubt you’re headed for some change, actually you’re probably eager for it, but this is the time to be honest about the direction your resources are flowing. Are spending your time, money and energy in alignment with where you want to go?

Cancer rules The Chariot, a card that teaches us about alignment and forward momentum. 

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