#JAKWellness12 Week 5: Clean Beauty + Food

Alright, let’s try this again. After my site crashed Monday I lost my entire blog post as it hadn’t backed up to the server yet when the site went down, so I had to write it all over again. I’ll try to remember everything I wrote! We are in (almost to the end of) week 5 of the #JAKWellness12. This month we’ve focused on physical wellness, from exercise to hydration. I did pretty well with last week’s challenge to drink more water and take probiotics. I have to say I’ve noticed my energy levels are more steady throughout the day when I’m hydrated. And I’ll also take any excuse to drink my favorite AquaVitea Kombucha, seriously if you can find it near you, it’s so good! Next week we will kick off a new theme for the month of February, but make sure you comment with your progress from last week’s challenge to be automatically entered in our monthly and big year-end giveaways! 

The Challenge: Clean Beauty + Food

For our last challenge of the month I wanted to turn the focus to skincare. One of my goals for 2018 is to incorporate more clean products into my beauty routine. As I mentioned on Instagram a few days ago I have been struggling with hormonal acne the last few months. I’m almost afraid to say it but I think I’ve got it under control. I’ll share a full and detailed post about what I’ve done, but a lot of that has to do with these week’s challenge, clean beauty and food. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and what we put on it is absorbed into the bloodstream. As the same time, what we feed our bodies is just as important as the products we’re using on our skin, so I also want to focus on eating clean. The challenge for the week is to try at least one clean beauty product and eat at least one clean meal a day. By eating clean I mean a meal that consists of whole foods (not pre-packaged, preservative filled, etc.).


-I’ve rounded up some of my favorite clean beauty products below, but if I had to choose just one I’d probably say Farmaesthetics Herbal Cleanser and Facial Mist. They’re both so gentle and smell incredible.

-If you’re not quite ready to purchase a new product, try a DIY treatment with things you have in your pantry. I pinned a bunch of good ones here.

-Shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store. The way most grocery stores are set up, all the good stuff is around the edges. Everything on the inside aisles (for the most part) is stuff you don’t need. Stock up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, organic protein sources, etc.

-I know I recommend it all the time but Good Clean Food is one of my favorite cookbooks for easy to follow healthy recipes (that taste good!). I’m going to share some smoothie bowl recipes next week most of which are adapted from this book.

-Try a natural deodorant. I swear by Native.

Favorite Clean Beauty Brands

-I love Farmaesthetics for many reasons but particularly because they are a local brand. I regularly use the herbal cleanser, rose exfoliant, and lavender milk.

-I discovered True Botanicals recently and actually have a call with one of their skin consultants today to talk about my skin issues. I’ve had a few people recommend their Clear line so I’m going to give it a try.

-I started using Rahua shampoo a few months ago and love how it leaves my hair feeling clean but doesn’t dry it out.

-I kind of forgot about this line but it is truly one of my favorite sea salt sprays, it smells incredible, gives great texture and lasts forever.

-I actually bought this body lotion at the grocery store (I have honey calendula but couldn’t find it online). It’s super affordable too.

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  1. Christina wrote:

    So sorry you had to do this all over again!
    I love the idea of incorporating clean beauty into the wellness challenge. I’ve been really wanting to try RMS uncover up and I might reward myself with that this weekend.

    For clean food, I’ve been doing 30 days without any added or processed sugar (on day 25!) which eliminates almost all processed foods. I did the same thing last January so I was mostly prepared, but you really do need to get creative in terms of snacks, etc. I’m trying a few new recipes this week to finish out my 30 days. This time though…I might continue cutting sugar as much as possible. I am a pastry and ice cream fiend, so it’s not easy, but I’m increasingly freaked out by what sugar can do to our bodies. We’ll see!

    2.1.18 | Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    You mentioned so many of my favorite lines! Rahua classic shampoo is amazing and love the farm aesthetics eye makeup remover. 🙂 definitely need to try true botanicals!

    2.1.18 | Reply
  3. Katy wrote:

    yes! true botanicals has helped me so so much! I’ll have to try farmaesthetics – what do you think about tata harper’s products?

    the time my skin feels clearest is when I’m eating best and drinking plenty of water – as good as it tastes dairy, greasy food, and sugar absolutely wreak havoc on my skin so besides treating myself to stave off cravings I try to stay away – it is all about balance!

    2.1.18 | Reply
  4. tierney wrote:

    So fair warning as it can lead to a slippery slope, but I’ve recently become addicted to the Think Dirty app, which lets you know how clean the products you’re using are, from dish soap to make-up, skincare to cleaning products! It also offers alternatives. Really helping me make small but impactful changes in my wellness world this year!

    2.1.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      OMG totally downloading that app! Thank you xx

      2.1.18 | Reply
  5. Brianna wrote:

    I ALWAYS say all I do at whole foods is go around the perimeter! It’s the best approach.

    2.1.18 | Reply
  6. mackey wrote:

    To be completely honest I have had a hard time, I have had to travel a lot this month. So February is my month! I am committing to working out and clean eating. I found that if I was out of routine, it was hard for me to get clean food, and workout in.

    I’m really excited this weekend this weekend I’m going to clean my closet and deep clean my house.

    I usually use fresh, I love their products, but they aren’t as natural. I found Farmacy products this year. They are so great, light, natural lotion made from honey. But I really want to try the RMS beauty oil.

    2.1.18 | Reply
  7. Amanda G wrote:

    I did not do well on the challenge last week (had soda too many times and got a dehydration headache one day), so I have been trying to drink more water this week, so far its been a lot better!

    My sister got me the tumeric skincare kit from YLLO Beauty for christmas and have been loving doing the mask weekly (usually while watching the bachelor) and using the oil.

    2.1.18 | Reply
  8. Beth Kevill-Byrne wrote:

    I went on a sugar free challenge this month (well last now January) not that I have a massively sweet tooth, however I find this always helps my skin especially hormonal acne. I avoid Gluten, however I’ve been reading more about getting/promoting good gut bacteria and having a very varied diet helps with this, so ironically adding more to my diet like including more whole grains, also good dairy products, but personally I have watch the amount of dairy as it triggers eczema for me. Clean skin products! I’m occasionally (often!) lazy and have days of being makeup free – but I find anything pure and unfragranced is great, having a weakness for coconut oil!

    2.1.18 | Reply
  9. Diana O wrote:

    Hi! So im very excited about this months goal as like you since December I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne, I linked it to my birth control at the time and have since been off it. I’ve been hoping and praying that my hormones and skin would calm(thef@ck) down but unfortunately I haven’t been that lucky. As a result I’ve thought about doing an elimination diet to see if i have any food triggers. I’ve already been taking probiotics, zinc, vitamins and minerals, drinking water and eliminated coffee as a possible irritant. Fingers crossed our skin improves with this difficult but necessary diet!!! All the best,

    2.1.18 | Reply
  10. Corrie wrote:

    I visited Rhode Island recently and hit up the Farmaesthetics store. It’s so gorgeous – I wanted to buy everything! I’m doing preeeetty well with the challenges. Exercising, eating healthily (mon-thurs that is. The weekend, I unleash!) Really looking forward to this week’s challenge.

    2.1.18 | Reply
  11. Lacey wrote:

    Yay! I’m looking forward to doing some serious self care this weekend with this week’s goal. I love making my own body scrubs and bath salts, and I try my best to purchase natural body products (although I’ve struggled with finding a face wash or a moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin freak out). It’ll be great to focus on clean eating this week, even if that includes going to a local farm to table restaurant or two.

    My endless quest to stay hydrated has had a minor upswing! I happened to be at a hotel that provided little 8oz water bottles to easily carry while skiing, and for some reason I drink WAY more water from those tiny bottles than I do with larger ones. I think it’s just psychologically easier to finish the whole thing and refill it than to drink more from a larger bottle. I bought a cute 12oz water bottle on Amazon, so we’ll see if I can keep it up!

    2.1.18 | Reply
  12. I did great last week with drinking more water after your post on Monday however, the last few days have been a struggle. Yesterday I did it but today, I know I should have drank more. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m ready to start fresh.

    I recently just downloaded an app called Healthy Living and it freaked me out with the ingredients in everything not being organic or “clean.” I know it should make the switch easier but I’m still super scared to try clean deodorant. I’m scared after reading people’s reviews that I will smell through it. ?? I need to work the courage up and try it.

    2.1.18 | Reply
  13. Sam wrote:

    I’ve been staying super hydrated lately, still bring my Rtic brand mug everywhere with me, whether it be for hot or cold beverages.

    I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to skin, I’ve been breaking out which is not like my skin at all! My skin is super sensitive so I always try to use clean products, after being introduced to Farmaesthetics I’m in love with just about everything I’ve tried. I’m always looking for new products to try so I’m definitely going to try some of the brands you mentioned.

    2.2.18 | Reply
  14. Kristene wrote:

    I carry my reusable water bottle everywhere with me and have really committed to at least 64 oz a day. After a big move, the holidays, my birthday, and a wedding, my skin has been going crazy for the last two months. Clean beauty is not something I’m super familiar with, but I’m looking forward to learning more (and the Think Dirty app mentioned on hear sounds helpful/terrifying). I have samples of Rahua shampoo & conditioner, and now seems like the perfect time to break them out!

    2.2.18 | Reply
  15. Bree wrote:

    Ugh, that’s the worst! Sorry you had to start from scratch!!

    For clean food, I’m in the last week of Whole 30 so I’ve been eating the cleanest I’ve ever eaten! And I feel amazing, my skin has cleared up and my clothes are fitting better.

    A few things from RMS is going to be my reward when I finish whole 30 next week, super excited to incorporate more clean beauty into my routine!

    xo Bree

    2.2.18 | Reply
  16. Nancy wrote:

    Farmaesthetics all the way! I’m such a huge fan of this line and I’m obsessed with the midnight honey. So the clean beauty will (hopefully) be a breeze! Just finished a rose polish exfoliate tonight. I’m trying to be better at consistency with my skincare routine, so this will be a good challenge!
    I’ve used RMS a lot recently and was not a huge fan of the uncoverup. I felt like it was veryyyy oily, BUT I have really oily skin so that could be the problem.
    Clean food will be the tough part for me! I’m trying to get better with my diet, so this challenge is coming at the perfect time for me!

    2.2.18 | Reply
  17. Beeta L. wrote:

    HI! I hate losing my work – I understand that pain. As of tomorrow (Saturday), I’ve successfully gone 4 weeks without soda and coffee! I was pretty good at water consumption before, but this change has definitely helped! I’m going to try to keep it up! Looking forward to next week’s challenge 🙂

    2.3.18 | Reply
  18. Kayla wrote:

    Way to go girl! Keep up the good work!

    I’ve been struggling working night shift 7p-7a (oh the life of a nurse) and basically crash the minute I get home from work. I’ve really noticed a change in my workouts since I started to do the wellness challenge. Before I would just sleep away the days I was working, but now I am committed to waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier and doing a workout. My friend sent me the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts and they have seriously been amazing! Also I’ve been loving the at home Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.

    I’ve also set up a designated workout area in my living room and just have the bare minimum like you. Yoga mat, resistance bands, and 8lb. dumb bells. It’s amazing what just these products can do. I also try to incorporate at least 2 days of cardio-3 miles minimum. I set a goal for myself that I want to train for a marathon in September. I need to start getting a little more serious on the running.

    I’ve also been meal prepping more lately-which has for one made work days SO much easier for me, but I’ve also enjoyed it mentally. I love cooking clean, healthy meals for myself-I get such satisfaction. I recently tried a new recipe for Keto Fat Bombs.
    I’ve been loving the brand Fresh for skincare and I use an organic rose hip oil on my face as well.

    Glad we both have been holding ourselves accountable throughout this journey.

    Kayla xoxo

    2.3.18 | Reply
  19. Meg wrote:

    Nailed the water and probiotics challenge! I think I missed my probiotics one day, but I’m really consistent with both probiotics and hydration. Had some stomach/digestive issues awhile back, and having enough water and herbal tea plus a couple of strong probiotics (and high fiber to feed the good bacteria) has worked wonders for me.

    About 95%(?) of my beauty and household products are “clean” at this point, due to an allergy to a common preservative. I have to be really careful. Love Youth to the People products, Lavanila Sport or Schmidt’s Sensitive deodorant, First Aid Beauty has a lot of good options, Drunk Elephant, and Teddie Organics oils from Amazon! 🙂 But hormonal acne, OMG, it’s been hitting me lately, too, so I’m dying to hear more about your consult.

    I do a lot of whole, unprocessed meals, but focusing on committing to them this week has been good!

    2.4.18 | Reply
  20. Jherell wrote:

    I almost forgot to come back and comment again!

    Surprisingly, I had A LOT of fun with last week’s challenge. I kept my water intake in check and also became a BIG fan of Kevita’s probiotic drinks (their Pineapple Peach Kombucha is BOMB)!

    I’ve been looking into some clean beauty products, so this challenge is right up my alley!

    2.5.18 | Reply
  21. Virginia wrote:

    For clean food I’ve started Whole 30. I’m a week in and can already see a difference in energy and mood. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out if I have any food sensitivities. For skincare I’m going to make some lotion. I use essential oils and am going to do some research on adding them to natural lotion and coconut oil. Should be fun!

    2.6.18 | Reply
  22. Megan wrote:

    JAK, try castor oil for your acne. A touch of lavender oil added to it makes for a nice scent. Apply at night time. Cover your pillowcase with a towel. Not only will it clear up your acne, it is expensive and an antidote for many ailments. Good luck! ☺

    2.22.18 | Reply

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