JAK Inspiration: Interview with Emma Hill

Before we dive into our first ever JAK Inspiration I want to quickly introduce you to this new series. I’ve always wanted to create a place to share more about the women who inspire me. I love hearing about other women’s career choices, advice they have and what they’re passionate about. There’s so much we can learn from each other. So who is a JAK Isnpiration? She’s confident, driven, smart, funny, kind and has her own unique sense of style. Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing a new interview with an entrepreneurial woman I’m inspired by, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to kick it off with the incredibly stylish and hilarious (watch her IG stories and you’ll see what I mean), Emma Hill.

Emma, is a London-based blogger with 5 Chihuahuas and a husband in tow.  She started blogging back in 2008 while working a full time job in retail. EJSTYLE started off as a hobby until a few years down the line when Emma quit her job to run the blog full time. Emma’s husband just quit his job to join in running EJSTYLE and help launch her YouTube channel (huge congrats, can’t wait to see more of this!).

I’ve been following Emma for a while now and I don’t think there’s anyone who does off-duty cool better than this girl. She just nails it every time. I always love seeing what new stylish combinations Emma creates. She’s the kind of person you just want to be friends with (we’ve never even met but she just has that effect). Here’s a bit more about this chihuahua Mum from London. 

My ideal Saturday…

Wake up nice and early and take our dogs for a long walk.  In summer the best days are when we have our family round and have a garden bbq, just sitting in the sun all day and eating bbq food, heaven! In winter I love a day of watching a box set on Netflix, curled up on the sofa with a blanket and all our dogs, eating all the junk food I can manage.

Go-to outfit

Jeans & t-shirt with a pair of ankle boots or heels and a blazer or biker, depending on the mood.

Drink of choice

Diet Coke, but it has to be in a can straight out of the fridge. Although I am trying to cut down and eventually wean myself off it. I don’t drink alcohol so Diet Coke is my vice…ok and junk food, ALL of the junk food.

Best career advice for other women

I could be all cliche and say ‘don’t give up’ but I think not giving up should be a given.  So what I will say is ‘Keep up’.  You have to be on the ball when you’re running a business and not just a business like blogging. This world we live in moves so fast, one day something is new and the next, it’s over and done with and there’s something else which has everyone’s attention.  So whatever your line of business, know it inside out and move with the times.

Favorite social media platform

It’s got to be Instagram hands down. Now that they have stories, with face filters, it’s all the social media platform we ever need. (Editor’s note: Emma’s IG stories are our fave @emmahill)

We’re obsessed with your dogs, how did you end up with 5 & how do you keep track of them?

I had 1, Bean, before I met my husband and then we decided to get Bean a little friend, Bella. The two of them had 3 puppies, Bumble, Bow and Boris, which wasn’t planned, and once they were born there was no chance that we were parting with them. They are now my whole world and my best friends, I just couldn’t live without them.

Something most people don’t know about you…

I used to be a surfer, almost turned professional but I had an accident and haven’t gone back in the water since.

Words you live by

YOLO. Because it’s true, you do.

Favorite Beach

Me and my husband went on a US road trip last year for our honeymoon and we spent a day at a beach (no idea of the name) at Lake Tahoe. I didn’t want to leave, it was beautiful! And there were geese which came right up to us and stole our food, which quite frankly I thought was the funniest thing in life EVER.  Because we’re British we don’t have beaches by lakes so for us it was novelty and I could have quite happily moved in with the geese.

Bikini or one piece?

At the moment I’d say Bikini because I’m so pale I need all the tanning I can get, but I do love a lace up one piece.

Find Emma on her blog EJSTYLE and Instagram @emmahill. Hope you enjoyed the first ever JAK Inspiration. Stay tuned for next week’s interview. Anyone you want to see featured here? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Rach wrote:

    She has five dogs?! That is awesome and crazy! I do love her style!


    5.24.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Hahah I know right?! I kept watching her IG stories thinking OMG how many are there? They are so freaking cute, makes me want one. Thanks for reading!

      5.24.17 | Reply
  2. ah fab interview ladies 🙂 Amazing (and so weird when I first landed on the new post haha) to see you two collaborate!

    Mel x http://mediamarmalade.com/

    5.24.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Haha! Thanks Mel. xx

      5.24.17 | Reply
  3. I absolutely LOVE this post! And you couldn’t have chosen a cooler girl to kick this series off with!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    5.24.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks Dana! And I couldn’t agree more, she’s so awesome. xx

      5.24.17 | Reply
  4. Jess wrote:

    Such a lovely interview to read! I love Emma’s style so much!


    5.24.17 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks Jess I’m so glad you enjoyed it! xx

      5.24.17 | Reply
  5. I love Emma, and Simon. I found her on YouTube and love her Vlogs, I binged them. They and the dogs are great!

    4.2.19 | Reply

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