12 Ideas For Getting Off Your Phone During The Holidays

By Kelley Boymer
23 Nov 2022
Ideas For Getting Off Your Phone During The Holidays

The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly here and we are all looking forward to taking a few days away from work to spend with family and friends. Having some down time is unfortunately rare for so many of us, and sometimes it can leave us feeling bored or unsure of what to do. Without even realizing it, we grab for our phones and begin scrolling to see what everyone else is up to. All of a sudden we’ve spent hours scrolling through social media or the news feed. There are so many other ways to spend time off than on your phone. Make time to connect with your family and friends (and yourself)– play a game, do a puzzle, read a book or get outside.

Today we’re sharing some ideas to get off your phone this Thanksgiving weekend and hopefully leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after the holiday. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

12 Ideas For Getting Off Your Phone During The Holidays

5 Tips For Getting Off Your Phone

  1. Set phone boundaries– Set limits for checking your phone. Maybe once mid morning and once early evening. Try to avoid scrolling when you first wake up and before bed.
  2. Turn off notifications– Go to settings-notifications and you can edit your app notifications. Every time our phone vibrates, rings or lights up with a notification, our brains release a small amount of dopamine. The problem is this boost is temporary and leads to a letdown.
  3. Delete apps– Take distracting, tempting or even addicting apps off your home screen.
  4. Set time limits on apps– If you go to settings-screen time-app limits, you can set time limits for apps like Instagram. It will notify you when you’ve reached your limit and is a helpful reminder to not get lost scrolling endlessly.
  5. Charge your phone away from bed– So many of us charge our phones right on our bedside tables. Then we look at our phones right before bed and first thing in the morning. Sometimes when we wake up in the middle of the night too which is not good for our sleep patterns. Charge your phone outside your bedroom to ensure you won’t be tempted to grab it and interrupt your time of rest.

Get Outside

One of the best ways to get off your phone this holiday is to get outside. Even just sitting outside bundled up on a cool, crisp November day and putting your face in the sunlight is a great way to improve your mood and mental health. Relax and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine or snow!

Go For A Walk

The holidays can be stressful and instead of grabbing our phones, we can go for a walk with a friend or even solo if you are needing a break from all of the commotion. This is a great way to relieve stress and reset.


Does writing help you feel calm and reflective? Take a break from the holiday shenanigans and journal. Write what you are grateful for or share a favorite story. Practicing gratitude can improve our mental health and stamina and reduce anxiety and depression.


Sometimes the chaos of the holidays is just too much and we need to escape. Why not take a bath and bring your favorite romance fiction or suspense novel for a bit of an escape before returning to family and friends?

Play a Game

If the holiday tension is rising and you are looking for a way to lighten the mood, games are always a great distraction. Play charades or have a dance party. Looking for something more relaxing? Try doing a holiday puzzle or playing cards. Check out our post– 20+ Of The Best Games To Play During The Holidays for more fun ways to play with friends and family.

Watch a Movie or Show

Sometimes we just need to relax and unwind during the holidays. Our life might feel like it’s been moving a million miles per minute and we haven’t had a chance to catch up on our favorite show or movie. Watch with your family or sneak away and enjoy an episode by yourself in bed.

Do Yoga or A Workout Class

Sometimes we need to move our bodies and sweat in order to release tension and stress. We often don’t make time for these things during the holidays because we feel the need to constantly entertain and be with family and friends. If you know this is something that will keep you sane this holiday, make time for it. Whether that means waking up early to roll out your mat or taking a mid-afternoon class online or in person. See what’s available and put it on your calendar so you won’t skip it.

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