How to Do Date Night At Home

Jess Ann Kirby has a date night at home with pad thai and Oyster Bay wine

As soon as the weather warms up, one of my absolute favorite things to do is have dinner on our patio. Especially since it tends to get so crazy busy in Newport as soon as it’s nice out, we love to have date night at home. What’s better than a home cooked meal, spending time outdoors with your favorite people (and pups) and sipping a glass of chilled wine? Nothing. Our favorite (thanks to my Mom who introduced us to it a few years ago) is Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanca super refreshing wine with fruity flavors from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Especially during the warmer months, I love a wine that has citrus notes and pairs well with my favorite foods (salty, spicy and tropical flavors). New Zealand also happens to be at the very top of our travel wish list, so we love drinking Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc and dreaming of one day making a trip there. It’s truly our favorite wine for beach BBQs, backyard parties or a date night at home. And I know many of you already know and love Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from all your messages on Instagram when I shared it to my story last week, but if you haven’t tried it, look for it at your local liquor store or online at 

Below I’ve compiled a few simple tips for creating your own date night at home – after all, why wait for the moment when you can make the moment. If you have any other favorite foods or entertaining techniques that pair well with Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, let me know in the comments! 

Jess Ann Kirby sips on Oyster Bay wine during an at-home date night

Serve Chilled

It might seem like a silly detail, but drinking Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc extra cold is so refreshing and tasty on a warm night. I like to put the glassware in the fridge for a few minutes, too, right before we sit down to eat so it’s a bit frosty. If it’s really warm out I’ll use an ice bucket to keep it cold.

Set the Table

The whole point of doing date night at home is to make it feel special, with a personal touch. I like to put out candles and fresh flowers for some cozy and romantic ambience. I also break out the fancy napkins and dishes. The little details count!

An Easy and Delicious Dish

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc pairs really well with a variety of cuisines, and one of my favorites is Thai food. Homemade pad thai is so quick and easy (I love this recipe) and is the perfect complement to a crisp, refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc. It’s the best meal to celebrate longer days and warmer nights.

Jess Ann Kirby enjoys her outdoor patio with an at-home date night and Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc
Jess Ann Kirby suggests setting the table and enjoying chilled wine for an at-home date night
Jess Ann Kirby prefers an at-home date night in the summer with a dinner on the patio and chilled Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc

Thank you to Oyster Bay Wines for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Natali wrote:

    This is a lovely and romantic idea! I like your photos very much. 🙂

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