How to Achieve Your Goals this Fall

By Caylin Harris
6 Sep 2016

Rock sculpture newport ri cliff walk prosecco and plaidFall is coming. And yes, we know that it doesn’t officially start for another two weeks, but like it or not that seasonal shift is happening. So why not use the energy and mindset change to help you accomplish goals or reaffirm commitments you’ve made to yourself? We spoke to Emily Perkins, a holistic health practitioner with a focus in holistic life coaching about how to get the most out of the changing seasons and achieve your goals this fall.

P&P : Why is there so much buzz around the seasonal shift from summer to fall?
Emily: While summer can be a great and an often needed break, the cool fall air brings in a wave of refreshing newness, a blank slate for your life. Seasonal changes are a phenomenal shift of new energy, a revival and reminder of what we’re committed to. It’s palpable. It facilitates movement and change. Take advantage of being more energized/motivated and re-focus.

P&P: How can we make the most of this seasonal shift?
Focus on your commitments. Whether it’s a healthy body or creating a happy work life, our commitments to ourselves have a ton of power. I recommend working on two to four different areas of your life at a time, more can be too overwhelming. Figure out what your goals are and create actions and plans around them. If you can figure out the why behind your goals it will give you the foundational drive to accomplish them. Get curious about where your goals are coming from.

P&P: What’s the best way to do that?
The question I always start with is what will that give you. Keep asking yourself that question until your answer is down to one word. Our goals are fueled by deeper feelings. Identifying this underlying feeling creates more commitment and keeps your goals in the forefront.

P&P: What are some actionable ways people can put this into practice in their day-to-day lives?
After you identify what you want to change in your life, if you can, check in with yourself daily. Ask yourself what your intentions are and what do they serve. Check that your intentions are aligning with your thoughts, words and actions. Complete small daily actions or tasks that will help move you forward. Don’t do more than six.

P&P: Why six?
Small steps are a great way to give yourself an opportunity to win while getting outside your comfort zone. It keeps you moving in the direction of your commitments, but nothing is so big that if you don’t do it you feel like you’re failing. You’ve got to give yourself things you can win at.

P&P: So it’s all about small steps? Are there any other techniques we should keep in mind?
Yes! Remember that adjusting to something new can be hard. Be gentle and kind with yourself. It’s the most effective thing we can do. You need to accept the ups and downs. It’s amazing how far a little kindness can go.

P&P: What are some techniques when you’re feeling overwhelmed?
Emily: Get curious about your overwhelmed cycle. Everyone has a pattern and a way it normally happens for them. See where you can interject something that gives you relief. Some people find journaling helpful or if you’re overwhelmed with a to-do list, what is one thing that you can check off that will make you feel better? Try to give yourself a hand be kind with yourself. It is incredibly powerful.

 P&P: For those who might be wondering, what is a life coach?
Emily: It’s a really common misunderstanding that life coaches give advice. But it’s not therapy. They partner with you to empower you and help you reach your goals, while exploring what’s getting in the way of what you really want. It’s for people who want to grow and expand and live fully.

Who else is feeling ready to conquer the rest of 2016? Let us know how you’re achieving your goals in the comments.

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