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Alright ladies, you asked, and I’ve (hopefully) answered. When I brought up the topic of gift guides about a month ago the resounding theme from a majority of you was “no hipster gift ideas for guys.” I am not joking when I say I got so many messages saying “please no men’s gift guides with BBQ tools, whiskey or fancy shaving kits.” I heard you, loud and clear, and I enlisted the help of a guy that I thought could bring some non-hipster influence to this year’s gift guide, Craig. Some of these are actually gifts I’ve given Craig (we aren’t really big gift people but occasionally we buy each other stuff). The rest, with a few exceptions, are his suggestions of things that are nice, and useful, and also happen to make good gifts. So, if these don’t work out, don’t blame me, blame Craig (kidding, sort of).

ONEAccording to Craig, maybe these are kind of hipster now, but these are the originals. Good quality boots that are comfortable, get better with age, and will last a long time. They actually look nice too.

TWOI actually bought these for Craig in a hotel gift shop in Florida last winter because he forgot his at home. They quickly became his favorite pair of sunglasses because they are lightweight and comfortable, polarized, and he can wear them doing activities. Also, somewhat miraculously, he hasn’t lost or broken them yet, I just jinxed it.

THREE: (Use code TAKE20November for 20% off-ends 11/21 at midnight) I personally love the look of the Yeti cooler, but according to Craig the backpack is way more practical and easier for regular use. Especially for things like beach trips.

FOUR: This seems like kind of an obvious and easy one, and actually not a suggestion from Craig, but I get him at least one hat for his favorite sports teams every year and then he never takes it off, so I assume it’s a good gift.

FIVE: If you couldn’t tell, Craig definitely did not suggest this one. I doubt he would even wear this sweater, but I really like it, and I might even get it for him, and if he doesn’t wear it I will. Merry Christmas honey.

SIXBig fan of Stance socks in our household. Somehow Craig is also always in need of new socks. Nice little stocking stuffer option.

SEVEN Yes, probably on every gift guide everywhere, but for good reason. These things have great sound quality are indestructible and super easy to use.

EIGHTSo Craig actually has the wireless sport and noise cancelling headphones (spoiled). When I asked him to pick a pair for the guide, the sport won because of their versatility (better for activities) and their price point.

NINE: This is a really well constructed weatherproof backpack that’s good for travel, work commute, weekend hikes and everything in between. We use it as a back up camera bag often and it’s awesome.

TEN This thing is SUPER warm. I got it for Craig in the green and he just started wearing it as the temps dropped really quickly. He has been very impressed by how toasty it is, and it’s incredibly soft too.

ELEVENSupposedly this is a very good GPS tracking device. Great for any dudes that go off into the woods, hunting, biking, backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, etc. The nice thing is it works even with no cell service. I plan on getting it for Craig just for my own piece of mind.

TWELVELast year Craig and I got cross country skis and we had a freaking blast all winter. Snowshoes are another great option/excuse to get outside, even in the dead of winter, and I love the vintage look of this pair.

THIRTEEN: Maybe not the sexiest slippers in the world but man are they comfy. We both have a pair and they’re great to keep your feet toasty on those extra chilly days.

FOURTEENObviously a Craig suggestion, but according to him, everybody needs a good set of power drills. “This pair is super light and easy to use.”

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  1. Emma wrote:


    My dad and my brother are not the type to use a fancy whiskey set or want a monogrammed X, and every year it’s a Struggle.

    These are actually great ideas and things they’d use/like to receive, so major thanks and kudos for this!!

    11.21.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      OMG that is SO great to hear! Thanks for the nice feedback.

      11.21.18 | Reply
  2. Gail wrote:

    Love these recommendations!! I have that power drill set and LOVE it!! Such a great idea for a gift!!

    11.21.18 | Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    Jess, these are awesome. My husband is SO getting that GPS tracker. Also, I’ve been wanting to get him his own set of power drills (he just borrows them from his school) but never knew which ones he would want. Definitely trust Craig’s recommendation! FYI, the LLBean Urls aren’t working for me, but maybe ’cause I’m in a foreign land? Do you happen to know the style name of that fleece? Thanks!!

    11.21.18 | Reply
  4. Amy wrote:

    Ok, never comment, but just want to say thanks for a guys’ gift guide that is actually useful!

    11.21.18 | Reply
  5. Lexi wrote:

    That Bose speaker is everything!! I bought one for my boyfriend the first Christmas we were together and it is still used almost every day. Highly recommend!!! Ours has been going strong for years.

    11.21.18 | Reply
  6. Audrey wrote:

    Hi Jess! I love following your blog and love your holiday gift guides! I especially love this men’s gift guide because my partner is so hard to shop for! I may be late for this request, but I would like to see a gift guide for a family holiday gift exchange! My family always does a white elephant exchange with a $20 limit & all ages (high school to grandparents) are included! It’s tough to find a gift in this price range that everyone will like! We don’t do gag gifts either! Any suggestions?! Thank you ?

    11.21.18 | Reply
  7. Sahra wrote:

    Omg I totally got those boots for my husbands birthday! Such great picks – I feel like my husband has most of them ?

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    12.18.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Haha! I did the same thing!

      12.19.18 | Reply
  8. Coco Gifts wrote:

    Amazing list, i would love to add some to my cart…

    6.28.19 | Reply

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