Holiday Dinner Party Outfit

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
23 Nov 2016


Photography by Craig Mackay

Velvet Cami / Curve Sleeve Cardigan / Cropped Skinny Jeans / Bow Tie Pumps / Skinny Velvet Neck Scarf  **ENTIRE OUTFIT IS 40% OFF W/ CODE THANKS

Easy and laid-back yet still totally chic, this head-to-toe look from LOFT has holiday dinner party written all over it. Loft’s Holiday A-Z Gift Guide has tons of amazing style and gift ideas for every occasion so I’m excited to share some holiday inspiration from A-F. Right before we really get into the swing of holiday season I wanted to share some favorite pieces for your next festive gathering. This skinny velvet scarf and bow tie pumps are not only on trend but compliment each other so well. The skinny scarf is a little bit rock and roll while the bow tie pumps are feminine and ladylike. Starting with the letter B for bundle up, this cozy cardigan is warm and chic. Layered over this stunning velvet cami it’s flattering and effortless. C is for charity, and there’s no better time to celebrate giving than the holidays. Loft makes it easy to give back through their LOFT Cares program which supports St. Jude Children’s Hospital. D is for DIY and what better way to show off your creativity with something you’ve created. Need some help? Check out our recent post on how to create a beautiful cheese plate.  Most importantly, enjoy yourself, the holidays are all about having fun with good friends and good food!

Holiday Dinner Party Picks

chunky-knit-sweater-velvet-cami-balayage-hair-jess-ann-kirby-2velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-2velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-8 velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-5velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-9velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-7velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-11velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-4velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-10velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-12velvet-cami-cropped-jeans-ow-tie-pumps-loft-jess-ann-kirby-6

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