Holiday Decor Ideas

By Kelley Boymer
2 Nov 2022
Holiday Home Decor Ideas

November has arrived and the holiday season is near. It’s hard to believe how quickly this past summer and fall have whizzed by. The holidays provide so much magic, sparkle and light in a time of year when things begin to feel dark and cold outside. Decorating your home for the holidays is one of the best things about the season and can help you feel festive and warm in your home. There are so many different ways to add a festive touch to your space whether you prefer something traditional or out of the box. When you’re ready to start getting into the holiday spirit, here are some holiday decor ideas to help inspire you this season.

Holiday Home Decor Ideas

When to Decorate For The Holidays

Although there are no hard and fast rules on when you should start to decorate your spaces for the holidays, there are definitely some guidelines you can follow to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself. Most people choose to decorate their home for the holidays after Thanksgiving, at the beginning of December, while some choose to decorate before Thanksgiving. As far as we are concerned, once Halloween is over, it’s fair game. Why not enjoy those beautiful decorations for one month longer? If you’re getting a fresh tree it might benefit you to wait a little longer so it’s still lively by the time Christmas rolls around. Before decorating get your space organized and check your inventory of decor to see what’s missing or needs a refresh. Now let’s get to it!

Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Festive Mantel Display

A fireplace mantel is the prime place to decorate for the holidays. Mantels are at eye level and our eyes are immediately drawn to this space when we walk into a living room. There are so many fun and beautiful ways to decorate your mantel that will make you and your guests feel warm and happy. You can string lights and garland across your mantel or display your tree collection or Christmas village. You could also fill pretty glass bowls with sparkly ball ornaments or twinkling lights and candles in beautiful glass hurricanes. The options are endless. Check out Jess’s holiday Pinterest board for more ideas.

Bar Cart Decor

A bar cart provides a perfect space to decorate for the holidays. You can make your bar cart both functional for holiday parties as well as a festive and fun display. Add twinkling lights, garland, trees and signs with festive messages. Want an even more festive look? Try spray painting your cart a pretty gold, white or evergreen. Check out bar cart holiday decor ideas on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Christmas Tree

For those who celebrate Christmas– getting and assembling the Christmas tree each year is such a fun, festive event. Some people use the same artificial tree year after year and others purchase or cut down their own tree. Either way, be sure to pick a good location in your house for it. There should be room around it for a tree stand, tree skirt and gifts. It should also be in close proximity to an outlet to ensure you can plug your string lights in.

Make sure it won’t be hitting or bumping up against paintings or shelving. Pick a tree that fits your space, not too small but also not too big (it should be at least a few inches below the ceiling and not so wide it takes up the entire room. Sometimes we see a tree out in nature and don’t quite comprehend it’s size. Take some measurements of your space before setting out to get your tree to ensure it will fit well within your space. Not to mention, once you add some gift wrapping under your tree it will look even more festive and fun!

Holiday Home Decor Ideas

String Lights

String lights may be the MVP of holiday decor. You truly can’t have the holidays without them! They can be added to your Christmas tree, mantel, wreath, staircase, house and so much more. Some people like colorful lights and some like to stick with classic white lights. You can also use different types of lights for different decorating purposes. Some lights are outdoor friendly while others are not. The mini LED fairy lights are great for using hidden inside decor such as garland along your mantel or in a glass bowl.

Advent Calendar

Investing in an advent calendar each year is a fun way to countdown to Christmas. Kids in particular love these, especially the chocolate ones! There are so many types of advent calendars, it is fun to try something new. There are some that can be passed down as an heirloom through families if you want to invest in something you can use for years to come instead of buying a disposable one each year. This Wood Advent Calendar from West Elm makes both a cute decoration and includes small drawers for each day of December that could be filled with a candy or other small treat. This Merry & Bright Advent Calendar from Pottery Barn is cute for families and can be personalized.

Holiday Wreath

I love getting our holiday wreaths up on our front door each year. We usually get one fresh wreath made locally and then reuse another red berry wreath that was gifted to us. Wreaths can also also be used inside your home– hanging from a mirror, ladder or mantel. Sign up for a holiday wreath making class and make your own (you’ll need hot glue) or purchase one locally or from a home decor store. There are tons of places to buy holiday wreaths online too that can lost a long time. Here are some pretty ones to decorate with.

Christmas Village

My Christmas Village is my favorite holiday decoration to pull out each year. I love all the little pieces and details and love setting it up on our bay window space. I’m so excited to share it with my little one this year, he is going to love all of the festive little houses and villagers. If you don’t already have a Christmas Village it is such a fun thing to invest in. There are so many to choose from! You can buy them as a set or begin purchasing a few pieces a year to add to your collection. Farmhouse Pottery has the most incredible wooden winter village you could use year after year.

Holiday Heirloom Decor

Holiday Heirlooms are special pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. These are items that are made to last many lifetimes and be enjoyed for hundreds of years. There are so many special and beautiful holiday heirloom collections to choose from. We love the Winter Wonderland Tree Collection from Farmhouse Pottery. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from that would make a gorgeous mantel display! We also love the glass tree and pottery evergreen collections from Simon Pearce. These timeless pieces will be a gift that keeps on giving each holiday season!

Holiday Candles

I love purchasing a fresh set of holiday candles each fall to enjoy all season long. Hotel Lobby Candle has incredible festive candles that also make a lovely gift. Putting taper candles out are also a great decorative touch on the mantel or on your tablescape. This Etsy shop has the most incredible hand painted taper candles.


Garland is a lovely way to decorate a mantel, countertop or stairwell. You can use eucalyptus, pine, spruce, tinsel or beaded garland. You can get faux garland or make or purchase your own from real pine or spruce. Add twinkle lights to garland to add a pretty sparkle and shimmer to your decor.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Seasonal pillows and blankets are another great addition to your holiday decor. Incorporate pillows and throws in beautiful shades of gold, red, evergreen and patterns with snowflakes, plaid, trees, etc. Check out ChappyWraps new seasonal arrivals!

Tips For Holiday Decorating

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for decorating by checking your decor inventory. Before your big decorating day arrives, check to make sure everything is in tact and you have the supplies you need.

Choose a Focal Point

Choose a focal point for your Christmas decorating ideas. For example, you may put your Christmas Village on a certain table or mantel piece that is on display in the center of your home. This way you will get to enjoy our favorite decorations the most throughout the season.

Use the Right Lights

Make sure you have the right lights ready to go for the proper setting. If you are hanging lights up outdoors, make sure they are meant to be outdoors and have a battery or outdoor outlet handy for use. For smaller spaces consider using more dainty discreet lights like mini LED lights or fairy lights for mantel spaces or inside glass bowls or displays.

Using Greenery

Don’t forget to use greenery! This is such a wonderful way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. You can incorporate greenery through wreaths, garland and other greens in vases and of course your Christmas tree!

Decorate Every Room

Try to add a little bit of decor to each room in your home. Spread the holiday cheer throughout your home so whenever you walk into a new room you still feel that magic and love!

Incorporate Family Memories

Incorporating family heirlooms is a great way to decorate for the holiday, while also remembering your loved ones. I have an old caroler from my grandmothers collection that I love to put out each year. It makes me think of her and smile each time I see it!

Stick to a Color Palette

Try to pick a color palette and stick to it. You may want to keep things neutral with whites and creams or maybe more natural with greens and browns or maybe you love the color of the holidays and go all out with red and green. Think about your palette and how you can keep things in sync across your home decor.

Involve the Whole Family

Don’t take on the task of decorating all on your own! Get your family involved and give everyone a task. Everyone will enjoy taking part and sharing their special holiday decor project.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! The holidays are such a fun time of year. Be sure not to take things too seriously and have fun with your decor. The most important thing is that you are happy with the decorations and they bring you joy each day this season!

What do you love most about decorating for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below.

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