Heirloom Gift Ideas For The Holidays

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By Jess
14 Nov 2022
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Today’s gift guide is a special one. I love giving gifts that the recipient will have for years to come, and even pass down from one generation to another. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, handmade ornament, or heirloom-quality photo album, a gift that has special meaning and is made to last will always be my favorite to give and receive. Here are my favorite heirloom gift ideas for the holidays for anyone on your list. Don’t miss all of my gift guides here, including gift ideas under $25 and gift ideas under $50.

Heirloom Gift Ideas

Haverhill Birthsone Jewelry

Haverhill Birthsone Jewelry

The Haverhill Birthstone Jewelry Collection makes for the perfect gift for a new mother or grandmother. This is such a beautiful way to personalize a special gift and honor loved ones whether it be children or grandchildren in a bracelet or necklace. I love the birthstone necklace which I’ve given as a gift many times. The new Adelaide paper clip chain bracelet makes a gorgeous addition to a stack or on its own. Use code JAK15 for 15% off.

Haverhill collection jewelry
Silhouette Ornament

Silhouette Ornament

Chupp Studio Ornaments are a lovely way to capture a special someone in your life in whatever stage they may be. The child silhouette is a simple yet elegant way to remember your little one as a baby, toddler or child. You can choose from the silhouette options or upload your own picture. The family silhouette is a beautiful way to capture a growing family. You can also create one for pets. I love our silhouette ornament for decorating our tree every year.

chupp studio ornament
ABLE Letter Necklace | Heirloom Gift Ideas

ABLE Letter Necklace

I love everything that ABLE stands for and this letter necklace is one of my favorite everyday jewelry pieces. It makes a great layering addition– it is durable, dainty and pretty. Personalize it with up to 6 letters. This would make a great gift for a friend, sibling or relative. Use code JAKHOLIDAY40 for 40% off your order.

Letter Necklace
Custom Silhouette Portrait

Custom Silhouette Portrait

The Classic Silhouette framed portraits from Chupp Studio are a beautiful gift idea. Personalize with your own photo or use one of their stock silhouettes. I love that you can add to the silhouette collection or do one for each family member. There are portraits for pets too. You can also choose to have it framed with several different options.

custom silhouette portrait
Farmhouse Pottery Woodland Smokers

Farmhouse Pottery Woodland Smokers

I have a few of the Farmhouse Pottery hand crafted woodland smokers and they make the house feel so festive and cozy during the winter season.  Each little gnome is crafted in Maine from hand-turned wood and is ready to infuse your home with the smell of rustic-sweet cedarwood. Choose from six unique gnome characters. You can buy singles or a set of two.

woodland smokers
Farmhouse Pottery Woodland Trees

Farmhouse Pottery Woodland Trees

One of my favorite parts of decorating my house for the holidays is pulling out my hand crafted Woodland Trees and Winter Village from Farmhouse Pottery. The tree collections make a great holiday decor addition to a mantel or centerpiece. They make a lovely collectible decor gift that will last for years to come.

woodland trees
Maileg Danish Toys | Heirloom Gift Ideas

Maileg Danish Toys

The Danish Toy Collection from Maileg is so sweet and would make a great yearly collectors gift for a new little one in your life. The dollhouses are beautiful and all of the mice and accessories to go with them are adorable. There is a large assortment to choose from to personalize it to your little one’s taste and interests. This collection is well-made and will be one that can be passed on for generations to come.

maileg danish toys
Pewter Baby Cup | Heirloom Gift Ideas

Pewter Baby Cup

A unique and elegant pewter baby cup is the perfect keepsake gift for babies and toddlers! Marin absolutely loves hers and its sturdiness makes it a great cup to use at a young age. A gift that will be treasured throughout ones life. Add engraving and a birthdate to personalize. If you’re local, check out Danforth Pewter for gorgeous options (and they can do engraving for you too).

pewter baby cup
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