Half Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Jess Ann Kirby reveals her half bath renovation with Kohler
Jess Ann Kirby renovates her half bathroom with Farrow and Ball Hague blue paint and a Kohler pedestal sink

This was a tiny transformation but also a big one. The half bathroom located in our master bedroom was in rough shape. We barely opened the door to it until we were ready to rip everything out. While it’s a tiny bathroom it’s super functional and stylsh. Finding options for a bathroom this small can be a little tricky so I reached out to Kohler to see if they could help. They were kind enough to help us create the perfect half bath and give us some great advice on what to use in such a small space. The old bathroom had a vanity but it felt (and looked) really crammed. Since we have another bathroom with plenty of vanity space we decided to go for a pedestal sink and I just love the simple, clean lines of the one we chose. A Kohler designer recommended we pair it with the the Persuade® Curv toilet. It’s perfect because it’s sleek, modern and has two flush settings on top (which can help save up to 4,000 gallons of water a year). We picked Purist accessories and fixtures (I have the knobs in our other bathroom and love them). The vibrant moderne brushed gold finish is perfect with Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue. We had some leftover tile from the other bathroom so decided to use it again. This gold accent mirror looks great with the Kohler fixtures and doubles as a shelf, perfect for the small space. I really love how this half bathroom renovation turned out, let me know what you guys think. Stay tuned for the YouTube tour tomorrow!



Jess Ann Kirby hangs a gold mirror in her renovated bathroom and finished with Farrow and Ball blue paint

Jess Ann Kirby hangs prints from Framebridge on her half bath wall painted in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue
Jess Ann Kirby hangs a gold shelf mirror in her renovated bathroom, with Farrow and Ball paint
Jess Ann Kirby renovated her half bathroom with new Farrow and Ball paint and the Kohler Parigi pedestal sink

Thank you to Kohler for providing the product featured in this post.

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  1. Vanessa wrote:

    Wow, what an immense difference you’ve made! You’re right – the bathroom looked way too crammed with the larger vanity sink. I love the combination of the tiles and the wall colour. Very sleek and sophisticated – like something you’d see at The Savoy in London!

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much! What a compliment. x

      8.30.18 | Reply
  2. Kelsey Middleton wrote:

    Super cute! I love this! I never would have thought to go dark in such a small space, but paired with the tile it looks beautiful!

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much. I love the darker color in this little bathroom I think it makes such a statement. xx

      8.30.18 | Reply
  3. Meghan Engen wrote:

    It looks so great! What a transformation. How do you feel the Kohler bronze faucet and accessories hold up? Do they require maintenance to keep their look?


    8.29.18 | Reply
  4. Lynn wrote:

    What a beautiful wall color and super sleek look! I love the fixtures, Koehler sink and toilet and the floor. It’s amazing what you both have done with this room and the whole house! Beautiful!

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much Lynn.

      8.30.18 | Reply
  5. Chelsea wrote:

    It looks beautiful, but I am just curious about the limited storage. Where do you keep/store items like your toothbrush?

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Yeah good question. So we have another full bathroom with a vanity where we keep all of that stuff. This is just a tiny half bath off our bedroom. It’s great when we have guests since there’s only one full bathroom in the house. But we don’t really keep any toiletries in it etc.

      8.30.18 | Reply
  6. Meghan wrote:

    Wow, it looks really great! Definitely a major transformation.

    I was wondering about the Kohler bronze faucet, does it hold up well? Or does it require maintenance?


    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thanks so much! I assume by maintenance you mean is it easy to keep clean? It doesn’t need anything special, I just use normal all natural cleanser that I use in my other bathroom and it holds up really nicely.

      8.30.18 | Reply
  7. Rach wrote:

    Omg the transformation is amazing!! I never thought to have blue walls, but I’m so loving it! I also love that mirror!


    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you! I love this paint and I had to figure out how to use it somewhere so this bathroom was perfect. xx

      8.30.18 | Reply
  8. Grace wrote:

    WOW! Amazing transformation. I love everything about it. Beautiful.

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much, happy with how this one turned out 🙂

      8.30.18 | Reply
  9. Sharon wrote:

    Gorgeous! I love those tiles, they are dreamy.

    8.29.18 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      Thank you so much Sharon!

      8.30.18 | Reply
  10. Brittany L Cerminara wrote:

    Looks amazing and chic! Ready to re-do my half bathroom (again) and this is giving me major inspo!

    8.31.18 | Reply
  11. Ty wrote:

    Hi. Beautiful bathroom. Is the ceiling painted navy blue as well or did you go with white? Thx!

    11.2.18 | Reply
  12. Bathroom Finch Townsville wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! The after-look, looks bolder and elegant. Definitely, the right color tone and floor!

    2.11.19 | Reply
  13. Nathalie wrote:

    Love the bathroom design, especially the wall colour. I was wondering about the farrow and ball finish, since it’s a little shiny. What finish did you use?

    Best wishes from Germany,

    7.14.19 | Reply
  14. Alice wrote:

    What finish did you use for the farrow and ball wall paint? Love it!

    7.14.19 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      We used modern emulsion

      7.20.19 | Reply
  15. Sarah wrote:

    Hi there, I came across your pictures of your bathroom, it is stunning. Can I ask where did you get your floor tiles. They are exactly what I am looking for. Kind regards Sarah

    1.4.21 | Reply
  16. Kate wrote:

    What are the dimensions of your space….especially the width to get the toilet and sink side by side? Hank

    2.12.21 | Reply
  17. Brittany wrote:

    Love this wall color!! Msy I ask what it is?

    9.16.21 | Reply

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