On my last day I kept it really casual. Most of the group had already departed the day before (and several got stuck in various airports overnight) so the small group that was left spent the day lounging on the dock and taking one last drive through town. Unless we were going out at night I didn’t wear any makeup and I never did anything to my hair the entire trip (including brushing it- hey I was on vacation). There’s something quite freeing about waking up and the only decision to make is what bathing suit to wear. I didn’t do a ton of shopping on my trip, mainly because I’d rather be sitting on the beach not to mention it’s quite pricey, but I did pick up this buddha tassel necklace. I’m loving the tassel trend right now (see some of my favorite pieces below). It was a much needed trip that left me feeling refreshed and thankful, and as I sit here watching snow fall outside my window it was the only thing that could have saved me from having a mental breakdown after snowfall the last week of March. Here’s to hoping that this is the last one! Happy Tuesday. xx
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