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Glowy Skin and Fall Makeup

The battle for control over the thermostat is on. The weather took a quick turn and it’s cold! Indoor heat is on, fireplace is going and the outdoor air is drier than ever which means my skin is THIRSTY. As someone with already dry skin, fall and winter can really do a number on it, so my focus is always moisturize, hydrate, and (occasionally) exfoliate. Most mornings my skincare routine is rinse (water only), serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Sometimes I’ll use toner or a hydrating mist after rinsing especially if I’ve done a mask the night before. For makeup I keep it simple and focus on creamy formulas that melt into my skin and help with that dewy glowy look. Here’s a glowy fall skin and makeup look I did for an IG Live. You can see the video here.

Glowy Skin

Fall Makeup

Glowy Skin and Fall Makeup

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    Such beautiful products. I need to check these out.

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