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I’ve got a lot of favorites in this one. Astrology, crystals, supplements, sheet masks, and tarot, these are my kind of gifts and ones that I love giving. Pretty much everyone on my list is getting 8 Greens this year, call me crazy but every time I bust out my supplements all of a sudden everyone wants to try them. While any of these gift idea are great on their own, a lot of them make nice combos too, like a reusable water bottle and 8 Greens or a jade roller and a sheet mask. You can see all of my gift guides in one place here, and more gift ideas in my holiday shop.

ONE: I have A LOT of books on Astrology and this is by far one of the best in breaking down how to read your own astrological chart. From star sign compatibility to understanding how the universe affects your approach to love, creativity, careers and more. This is a great gift for the Astro obsessed.

TWO: One of my favorite skincare tricks, the jade roller is amazing for de-puffing, eliminating toxins, and promoting collagen production. The perfect stocking stuffer or pair it with a nice skincare set.

THREE: Indie Lee is one of my favorite clean skincare brands AND it’s super affordable. This is the perfect starter kit for someone that loves clean beauty or wants to try it out.

FOUR: The perfect skincare treat as we head into harsh weather that’s tough on our bodies and our skin. This bath soak moisturizes and softens skin and has soothing and calming essential oils.

FIVE: A stylish reusable water bottle to help someone on your list stay hydrated and eliminate single use plastics. Makes a great gift paired with collagen peptides or probiotics.

SIX: A great way to kick of 2019, the 5 Minute Journal is all about helping you practice gratitude and focus on the good in your life. It has a really simple format and is an easy way to start journaling.

SEVEN: The evil eye is a symbol of protection against evil and negative energy. Missoma’s evil eye collection has everything from rings to earrings to bracelets to charm necklaces and they’re all equally beautiful.

EIGHTIn terms of clean beauty, this is one of the best sheet masks out there. It has one of the best skincare boosting ingredients there is, hyaluronic acid, to boost hydration and moisturize skin for a glowing complexion.

NINEI gave this to lots of people on my list last year and I’m doing the same again. It’s a great intro to natural deodorant because it actually works and there are a bunch of really nice scents to choose from.

TEN: Created by a woman diagnosed with cancer at age 25, 8 Greens was her way of boosting daily greens intake as easily as possible. Particularly great for travel, pop it in a glass of water to get tons of nutrients from just one tablet. I brought these to Finland and everyone on the trip loved them. Even better, they are allergen and preservative free, and vegan.

ELEVEN: I live for my Beauty Chef probiotics and this is a great starter kit for someone not familiar with the brand. I gave this to a few people last year and they all ended up ordering more!

TWELVE: Filled with probiotics, detox tea, beauty water and easy-t0-make recipes, this is the perfect reset/kickstart for the New Year. They also have meal plans and a shop full of their best selling foods.

THIRTEENOne of the best introductions to Tarot out there, this set has a super helpful guidebook to help you understand the cards and their meaning. I also have the Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook which I highly recommend.

FOURTEEN: Tis the season, cold and flu season. Keep your friends and family healthy with some Quick Defense and a very handy pill case to keep all their supplements organized.

FIFTEEN: When burned, palo santo is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic healing properties. The perfect way to purify and cleanse a space.

SIXTEEN: The perfect crystal starter kit with several different options to choose from including Love, Protection and Tranquility.

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