4 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Comfort Food Recipes

Friendly reminder, it’s winter. For many of us, it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s gray, it’s windy, you get the point. While I have a love/hate relationship with the season, one thing I do enjoy is the coziness this time of year, and the excuse to stay in, curl up by the fire, and eat. So, in the spirit of the season, I asked four of my favorite food bloggers to share their go-to comfort food recipes. Read on and try not to start salivating.

Tieghan Gerard, Half Baked Harvest

30 Minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen

I grew up eating Ramen noodles with my mom on cold winter days, so making Ramen always brings back good memories! BUT this ramen is everything. It’s creamy, spicy, filled with vegetables, pretty healthy, so easy and SO GOOD. Perfect for any night of the week whether it’s a cold snowy night or a night where you just need a healthy dinner, and you need it fast.

Favorite Winter Activities
Snowboard with my family and then come home to make hot chocolate (or cocktails…), dinner, and sit by the fire. Love winter!

**Editor’s note: I’ve made this recipe many times and it is seriously SO freaking good.

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The best comfort food recipe for food blogger Half Baked Harvest is a warm peanut chicken ramen.

Food blogger Clean Food Dirty City shares her recipe for creamy broccoli 'cheddar' soup.

Lily Kunin, Clean Food Dirty City

Vegan Broccoli ‘Cheddar’ Soup

This is one of my all-time favorite soup recipes. Traditionally a very rich soup, I’ve swapped the dairy out for creamy beans and added nutritional yeast to capture the cheesy flavor. It’s super warming and nourishing during winter months, while still packing in some extra greens – make sure to serve with chickpea croutons for some crunch and some crusty bread. 

Favorite Winter Activities
Cooking big pots of stews, chilis, and soups for friends 🙂 

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Michelle Lopez, Hummingbird High

Chocolate Chip Cookies

To me, chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate comfort food, especially when they’re still fresh and warm and gooey from the oven. This recipe is a no-frills classic chocolate chip cookie, similar to the Tollhouse slice-and-bake ones you remember from your childhood but better since it uses real ingredients! I like to freeze the cookie dough so I can always have some to bake on hand when the craving hits.  

When You’re Not Baking You’re…
At the gym, lol. 

Something You Love About Winter
I love it all: cozy sweaters, fireplaces, warm hearty meals, and wool socks. 

Michelle doesn’t have a cookbook (yet), but I will be pre-ordering when she does 🙂

Michelle, food blogger from Hummingbird High, makes her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe as the ultimate comfort food.

 Jess from How Sweet Eats makes her favorite comfort food, creamy chicken and buttermilk dumplings.


Jessica Merchant, How Sweet Eats

Creamy Chicken and Buttermilk Dumplings

This is the ultimate comfort food! It’s almost like chicken soup, but with fluffy, soft dumplings that almost melt in your mouth. It’s the perfect cold-weather meal and one that everyone requests. You can also easily switch it up and add other veggies like mushrooms or parsnips.

Recipe Secret Weapon
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice. I find that a squeeze of lemon adds a little bit of acidity to rich and decadent dishes. I do this with pasta, soup, salads – everything!

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  1. Rach wrote:

    I am sold on trying that ramen dish! Yum!


    1.21.19 | Reply
  2. Erica wrote:

    I love this post! I got Half Baked Harvest for Christmas and am a big fan of chocolate chip cookies.

    1.21.19 | Reply
  3. Taylor wrote:

    Okay, I’m reading from my iPhone and I literally just double tapped on the pics like I’m on Instagram (mental note – take a screen break!). These look so delicious, esp the first one. We’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation so I’m eagerly anticipating our first meals, I’m thinking I will come back to this post for sure! Always great content!

    1.21.19 | Reply

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