Farmhouse Fixer Upper Design Inspiration

Jess Ann Kirby gathers farmhouse inspiration for a Vermont fixer upper.

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It’s really happening! No we didn’t buy another house, haha, BUT we are headed to look at some houses in Vermont on Wednesday (I’ll be vlogging and posting what we see on YouTube). We are still at the VERY beginning stages, we aren’t pre-approved for a mortgage yet and don’t know exactly what our budget is but we have a pretty good idea. However, who doesn’t love getting excited and inspired with the help of Pinterest? Truth be told, I’m calling it a farmhouse because this is my vision, but we may very well not end up in a farmhouse. There’s a lot of factors going into this search for the next fixer upper, most importantly budget and location, emphasis on the budget part. While I really love the idea of a farmhouse, I also realize it may not be realistic for us, but it’s not stopping me from trying to manifest that $h!t, haha. So I thought it would be kind of fun to do a little experiment on Pinterest. I told Craig to pin some stuff he liked for design ideas to our Farmhouse fixer upper board, and I would do the same, but we weren’t allowed to look at each other’s pins. Truth be told I enjoyed this way more than Craig. He’s more of a realist, so he looks at stuff on Pinterest and thinks, this isn’t realistic or it’s not functional, and I get it, but where’s the fun in that? I look at Pinterest as more inspirational, pretty sure most of us do, then again how many dudes are on Pinterest, gonna guess not many. The reality is, while we both have a general idea/vision of what we want and like, it isn’t until you find that home and then live in it that you really know what to do. So here are the images that are inspiring us right now (and why).

Jess Ann Kirby begins the fixer upper home process with inspiration for a farmhouse.

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Craig: I like that this has a French country look. The combination of white, stone and reclaimed wood is simple, aged and natural. A big part of Vermont/New England homes is the mudroom and this one has a great look but is also really functional. I also like combination of a painted white ceiling and stucco wall with the green painted door, and the bench is amazing.

Jess Ann Kirby uses Pinterest to collect farmhouse Fixer Upper inspiration for a second home in Vermont.

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Jess: What is there in this image not to love? The exposed beams, the salvaged wood, the plaster walls, the big window above the sink, I want it all. I think the one thing I’m really hoping for in the next fixer upper is architectural detail and charm.

Jess Ann Kirby is inspired by blush tones for a potential fixer upper in Vermont.

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Craig: I like that this is rustic and clean looking at the same time. If it makes sense for the next fixer upper, I’d like to try doing pigmented plaster in a light pink or gray color. (Side note from Jess, I am very on board with this!).

Jess Ann Kirby is inspired by farmhouse Fixer Upper style for a second home in Vermont.

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Jess: I guess I have a thing for this color velvet? The chair is incredible but what drew me to this image is the built in firewood storage. That detail combined with the wood burning stove and the wide plank white wash floors is just divine.

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