On Body Image and Health

Inevitably anytime I post a photo of me in a bathing suit or anything that reveals my body more than normal the messages, comments and emails start pouring in (I’m being slightly dramatic but it’s a significant amount). How do…
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Going off Birth Control: A Year Later

Image via Shore Creative So. Many. Questions. Understandably, you guys had a lot to say/ask about going off birth control. I think there’s probably some crossover in our experiences with birth control. It can be hard and lonely to navigate…
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2019 Goals and a Personal Challenge

If I had to sum up 2018 in a word I would say introspection. This November marked the 5th year since I started this blog. It has changed quite a bit, and in many ways I have too. I am more confident…
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How to Be an Informed Voter

Voting is one of our greatest privileges as citizens, and yet typically, only about half of eligible voters exercise that right in elections (less during mid-term elections). If there is anything that the last two years has proved, it is…
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