It hit above 50 degrees this weekend and people were coming out of the woodwork! Of course I took the opportunity to break out some new goodies including this Old Navy Field Jacket ($100 LESS than the J.Crew version) and Elaine Turner boots. These rich cognac leather boots remind me of my horseback riding days, and they give this outfit an equestrian vibe that I’m loving. In the spirit of equestrian inspired style Craig and I headed out to Glen Farm in Portsmouth to shoot some photos outside one of the old barns. Despite being unseasonably warm it was INSANELY windy, there are some pretty funny hair outtakes that I’ll have to share at some point soon (one of which Craig labeled me as “Cousin It”- seriously the resemblance is uncanny). This weekend’s weather was a real tease and now it’s back to yet another snowstorm (big sigh) and daydreaming about the Bahamas (official countdown begins now – 18 days to go!). Happy Monday loves. xx

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  1. Ha! I know the feeling….I bit of sunshine…..and it’s like a huge swarm of people everywhere!


    2.24.14 | Reply
  2. alexis wrote:

    Its so true—- people CRAVE sunshine! Anyways, I love the overnight bag— so cool! Glad you got a little cold reprieve 🙂

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

    2.24.14 | Reply
  3. lovely boots and jacket!
    Ladies in Navy

    2.24.14 | Reply
  4. Absolutely stunning!

    xo, Lindsey

    2.24.14 | Reply