Easy DIY Cloth Napkins with Fringe Detail

By Caylin Harris
12 Jan 2017

I’ve only recently started to appreciate the beauty of cloth napkins, I think it might be something that comes with age—like drinking wine because you like the taste or binge watching Netflix on a Saturday night. Not only are cloth napkins inexpensive, they add a ton of personality to any tablescape. Here’s a fun and super easy way to customize plain cloth napkins …no sewing required.


Cloth napkins
Fabric fringe (you can find this at any fabric store)
Instant fabric adhesive (clear if they have it)
paper or newspaper (to protect surfaces)

1. Start by ironing your cloth napkins so that they are as flat as possible.


2. Measure out your fringe along whatever part of the napkin you want to add it to. Cut it to size.

3. Very slowly and carefully, run a line of instant fabric adhesive on the napkin where you want to place your fringe. Apply it lightly so it doesn’t seep out of the edges. Press the fringe firmly to the napkin and smooth.

4. Let it dry completely according to the fabric adhesive instructions.


5. Enjoy! The fringe will be machine washable and will add something special (ribbon, pom poms, tassels) to a plain cloth napkin without too much extra cost. Plus it’s so easy. Try it!

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1 Comment

  1. Stephanie Terrone wrote:

    This is so fun! We’ve been using cloth napkins for months now. Saving money and not wasting as much. Plus they’re so much classier. ?


    1.12.17 | Reply

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