Dutch Boxer Braids Tutorial

How To Wear A Tunic Sweater
By Jess
25 Oct 2016


Photos by Craig Mackay / Hair by Jennie Kay / Wearing Sanctuary Cold Shoulder Sweater

Who doesn’t love braids, am I right? What’s great about this hairstyle is that I left it in all day and it worked for both this activewear look and for a fancy dinner later that evening at a Vineyard.


1. Make a center part by sectioning your hair down the middle and securing one half with a clip.


2. The braid Jennie did is a dutch french braid which is basically an inside out french braid. So you pull the pieces as you go and bring them underneath first and over instead of the other way around. You can also do a traditional french braid. I specifically wanted the braid to sit on top for this one.


3. Braid all the way down the hair leaving about an inch at the bottom and securing with a clear elastic. For layered hair, use a wax to help pieces from sticking out. Jennie used this one from Sachajuan, placing a little on her fingertips as she braided the bottom.


4. Repeat the first braid on the other side.


5. Even if you want to have a looser, messier braid, it helps to make the braid as tight as possible at first. You can make it messy and loose after you’ve finished both sides. dutch-crown-braid-tutorial-jennie-kay-beauty-jess-ann-kirby-7

6. As I mentioned in an earlier step, you pull the hair underneath and through if you want it to be a Dutch braid. Once you get to the base of your head you can start a regular braid.


7. As you get to the bottom of the braid you may want to add more wax if you have layers or lots of flyaways. dutch-crown-braid-tutorial-jennie-kay-beauty-jess-ann-kirby-10

8. If you want to keep your braids tight this is your final step.


9. To loosen the braids gently pull on sections of the hair from the top to the bottom. You can help keep it in place with a flexible hold hairspray like this one.

dutch-crown-braid-tutorial-jennie-kay-beauty-jess-ann-kirby-12 dutch-crown-braid-tutorial-jennie-kay-beauty-jess-ann-kirby-13 dutch-crown-braid-tutorial-jennie-kay-beauty-jess-ann-kirby-14

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  1. pia wrote:

    these braids look awesome!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

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