Coffee Talk: Los Angeles

Jess Ann Kirby talks over coffee with some of her favorite LA influencers.

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Anyone else riding the struggle bus this morning? Could really go for this coffee right about now. Speaking of, I’m pretty pumped to kick off a new series today called Coffee Talk. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is check out local coffee shops. It’s such a good way to get acquainted with a new place. So I asked a few of my favorite local Los Angeles ladies to share where they go for their almond milk latte or matcha. Every month we’ll discover a new city and hear from locals about where they go for a cup of joe. Have any suggestions? Let me know what city you want to see next!

Justina Blakeney

@justinablakeney and

Justina Blakeney talks about her love of oat milk coffee and favorite under the radar spots in Los Angeles.


Favorite Los Angeles coffee spot

Spoke Cafe. It’s on the L.A. river, they make a mean latte and have a cozy bench where I sit and read or draw in the mornings and I can look out to and river and beyond to the currently snow-capped mountains.

Your order…

Almond milk OR oat milk latte.

My morning routine…

After I get my little one dressed and grab my coffee I usually head on a 20-30 minute long walk along the L.A. river before work. I listen to the news for the first 10 or fifteen minutes, then a podcast or music, depending on if I wanna jog a little bit (music) or just walk and think(podcast). Then I walk to work. Everything is close-by and in my neighborhood.

Best hidden gem in your city…
The Wi Spa
Biggest misconception about Los Angeles:

That you need a car to live well in L.A. We are a one-car family and have been for almost a decade. It’s especially easy now with ride-sharing services, but I get around on foot and by bike quite a bit and I love it! I also ask folks for rides a lot and always enjoy catching up with friends on the way to events and things. We save quite a bit of money, I get more exercise, and it’s better for mama earth, too.

Favorite coffee spot

Starbucks (go every AM because it’s around the corner from my house!). Other than that I would say Blue Bottle.

Your order:

Iced coffee with almond milk + 1 pump of classic.

What’s your morning ritual or routine?

I do a walk + coffee talk on @everydaypursuits IG story. It’s a great way to get me out of the house (where I work all day) and helps me start my day.

Favorite LA boutique for shopping?

I really love Burro – it’s more of a book store meets speciality lifestyle store. Abbot Kinney is my go-to when I’m looking for something to spruce up my place or grab a present.

Best hidden gem in LA…

Food: Barrique – insane Italian food that kind of goes under the radar! You can find my favorite Venice + Santa Monica eats here.
Shopping: GROW and Aust – both on Abbot Kinney, and The Row – an incredible concept shopping, eating, artist development in Downtown LA.

Denise Vasi

@denisevasi and

Denise Vasi shares her early morning routine and her love of a secret menu from her favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles.


Favorite coffee shop


Your order:

Something off the secret menu 😉

What’s your morning ritual or routine?

I wake up anywhere between 3am and 5am depending if hubby is home or out of town. The first thing I grab is my jade roller, I roll, wash my face and then slap on some eye patches. I make my celery juice and tend to left over emails and write out my priority list for the day. I’ll write for my site MAED for the next two hours. Around 7am my little girl wakes up, then it’s full-time mama mode. Breakfast, making lunch, getting her dressed and dropped off for school. After circle time with her I grab a coffee. By 10:30 I’m either on my first conference call or at my first meeting for the day.

Best hidden gem in LA…

My Little Dumpling

Favorite coffee shop

Oro Caffe Beverly Hills

Your order

Always an almond milk latte 🙂

What’s your morning ritual or routine?

I always start my day reading my bible or devotional while drinking a cup of hot water and lemon.

Best hidden gem in your city…

I feel like I’m still pretty new here so to me every place is a hidden gem! I’m still discovering new place every day!

What surprises you most about LA?

How cold and rainy it can get in February and March haha I know you probably hate me for saying that because the weather is so bad in New England right now but this is verryyy cold to me!


Remi Ishizuka

@rrayyme and

Remi Ishizuka of the blog Rrayyme talks about her go-to coffee order and favorite spots in Los Angeles.

Favorite coffee shop

Maru Coffee in the Arts District because they serve Ippodo matcha from Kyoto – one of my favs! The interior is also super minimal and clean – love the zen vibe it has for studying/ working.

Your order

Matcha latte with oat milk, no agave pls!

What’s your morning routine?

Wake up at 5:15AM, wash face, apply sun screen, walk the dogs, make a matcha latte, eat a superfood muffin, leave house at 6:15AM for a 6:45AM F45 class, come home, shower, drink protein smoothie, take supplements, make/eat breakfast, sit down to start my day by 8:30AM!

Fave workout in Los Angeles…

F45 classes and solo gym workouts at Equinox. F45 is my new fav because you’re in and out in 45 minutes and it’s a full body workout using weights.

Best place to go on dog walks

I love roller blading around in my neighborhood – it’s quiet away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets and there are rarely any cars. Pan Pacific Park- unofficial dog park but with hills and loads of grass and area to run around.


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  1. Peyton wrote:

    I love this! It would be awesome to see Kansas City next!

    3.11.19 | Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    Orlando, Florida! Or like Coastal towns in Florida!

    Katie |

    3.11.19 | Reply
  3. So excited for this series. Local coffee shops are my (and my husband’s) FAVORITE way to experience a new city. Highly recommend putting Denver on your list of Coffee Talk posts. We lived there for 3 1/2 years and still dream about our favorite shops, Corvus Coffee Roasters and Aviano.

    xoxo Logan

    3.12.19 | Reply
  4. Jillian wrote:

    This is such a fun series idea! I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to see more cities you feature!
    xx, Jillian

    3.18.19 | Reply

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