Coffee Talk: Brooklyn

Jess Ann Kirby talks to other influencers from Brooklyn on their go-to coffee shops.

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This month’s Coffee Talk we’re featuring one of my favorite NYC boroughs, Brooklyn. It was the place Craig and I called home for 5 years and the first place we lived after leaving Newport. We loved our time there and it was where we adopted Nora and Hunter, so it always holds a special place in our hearts. It was also our introduction to really good coffee, so I am thrilled to share some of the best spots as recommended by some of my favorite Brooklynites (apparently if you’re in Brooklyn, you need to go to Devocion).

Grace Atwood

@graceatwood and The
Grace Atwood, from The Stripe, talks coffee shops and life in Brooklyn.

Favorite Brooklyn coffee shop

Devocion – and not just because Architectural Digest named it the prettiest coffee shop in New York, though that plant wall is pretty epic.

Your order

Oat milk latte, iced – always!

Best hidden gem in Brooklyn…

I don’t know if it’s really a hidden gem but Saint Anselm. It’s the best steak you’ll ever eat. (I know Jess is a vegan but sometimes I just want a steak… sorry?) And this one is perfect. Better than any of New York’s fancy strip houses but in an unfussy setting. No white linens or stuffy waiters… I like to sit at the bar.

Favorite boutique/store to shop in BK

Does McNally Jackson count? JK but it’s my favorite bookstore and I’m usually there once a week. If we’re talking fashion though, Bird! They stock an amazing selection of incredible up & coming designers. Also Swordsmith – I always find something cool.

Chinae Alexander

@chinaealexander and @presssendpodcast

Chinae Alexander's go-to coffee order is a simple drip coffee at Devocion in Brooklyn.



Favorite Brooklyn coffee shop

Devocion in Williamsburg.

Your order

I’m boring, regular drip coffee with a little bit of cream and a stevia.

Best hidden gem in Brooklyn

A full day in Red Hook…hit up Baked for a coffee + treat (try the Salted Caramel Bar and thank me later), see some art at Pioneer Works, have a giant plate of BBQ at Hometown, and end with a drink at Sonny’s…my fave dive bar.

Favorite place for a workout in Brooklyn

I love Modo Yoga, Y7, or SoulCycle!


Favorite Brooklyn coffee shop

Devocion in Williamsburg (or downtown Brooklyn). Come for the coffee, stay for the giant skylight and incredible wall of plants.

Your order

Americano or one of their pour-overs and a chocolate croissant if I’m sticking around for a bit.

Best hidden gem in Brooklyn

For dinner, Pheasant in Greenpoint- stacked with a ton of gorgeous plants and great food. All dishes are seasonal and fresh. We love sitting at the bar and chatting with the always- friendly bartenders to get the scoop on the best dish that month.

Favorite spot to meet up with other pups

Prospect Park for off-leash fun with our fellow dog parents. For day drinking, The Springs in Greenpoint. We’re big fans of their cucumber + chia seed guac and any of their cocktails. We’ve stumbled onto more than one dog birthday party there.

Best pet shop in Brooklyn

District Dog in Greenpoint- family-run, always friendly, greet your dog first and you second with lots of tasty treats for your pup to sample.

Lily Kunin

@cleanfooddirtycity and
Lily, from Clean Food Dirty City, has coffee talk with Jess Kirby over her favorite Brooklyn spots.

Favorite Brooklyn/NYC coffee shop

BK: Devocion, NYC: Clean Market, or if I’m downtown Chalait (we use Chalait matcha at Clean Market).

Your order

Americano with steamed oat milk at Devocion, Matcha with house milk, collagen + coconut butter at Clean Market.

Best hidden gem in Brooklyn

BK: Milagrosa, NYC: Project by Equinox (some of my favorite workout classes downtown!)

Favorite boutique/store to shop in BK/NYC

BK: Chango & Co, NYC: Warm

How long have you been in the city and what’s your favorite thing about living there?

I’ve been here for about 7 years – with a year hiatus in LA – and go back and forth to LA about every 2 months right now. My favorite thing about living here is being part of a vibrant community. Opening Clean Market this year has grounded me into the city like never before and truly makes the hustle and bustle more manageable for my very sensitive nervous system.

Kristi Troccoli


Kristi Troccoli talks about her favorite Brooklyn coffee shops and favorite coffee order.

Favorite Brooklyn coffee shop: Bakeri or Devocion.
Your order

Almond latte.

Best hidden gem in Brooklyn

There are SO many hidden gems but I recently discovered a place called Greenery NYC on West Street in Greenpoint. It’s a “biophilic design store” – essentially, a high design plant shop that encourages their clientele to hang around and soak in a little nature.

Favorite boutique/store to shop in Brooklyn

The Break

How long have you been in Brooklyn and what’s your favorite thing about living there?

Going on 5 years living in Williamsburg. The neighborhood has changed so much over the years but it still feels like home. I love the small-town feeling, strong sense of community, restaurant scene, and small shops and boutiques.

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  1. Meghan wrote:

    Would add Joe Coffee in Brooklyn Heights and Bien Cuit and Stumptown in Cobble Hill as a few great coffee spots south of Williamsburg!

    4.23.19 | Reply
  2. shannonvue wrote:

    This article is very informative and I feel like you are reading my mind. thanks for sharing

    2.16.21 | Reply

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