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Closet Hero(es)

9 Sep 2020

So I know today’s theme is “closet hero” but I make my own rules and I just couldn’t pick one thing so I’m sharing a few. This outfit is definitely what I reach for most in the fall. Jeans, cashmere sweater (similar), white tee, booties and my Barbour jacket (not pictured my White and Warren cashmere wrap). Probably more likely to be wearing slippers or sneakers these days but felt like living a little. Check out my IG Reel here.

Today I am partnering with my friend Julia of Lemon Stripes. I honestly don’t even remember when I met Julia I’ve known her for so long! She’s always been such a good friend and was so generous with her time and knowledge back when I was just starting out in the blog world. She’s also mom to Fuji’s twin Boots (seriously they look so much alike it’s crazy)! Check out Julia’s closet hero here (I actually finally got one for this fall so I’m excited to wear it). Julia chose the Connecticut Bail Fund as her charity of choice for my donation on her behalf. Their goal is to reduce the direct harms caused by criminalization, incarceration, and deportation while building power among the people and families in their community who are most impacted by these systems.