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By Caylin Harris
20 Aug 2016

Newport RI sunrise craig mackay photopgraphy

Summer weekends never get old. On our list in Newport: swimming, enjoying tasty sushi, and quality time with our pets. Only two left until Labor Day weekend, hard to believe how quickly this summer has flown by. Wishing all of you a great one.
Jess & Caylin

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share, or pin we’ve got you covered. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

While frying things makes me nervous (Is the oil too hot? Am I doing this right?) this recipe from the NYT for fried chicken makes me want to try it this weekend armed with hand and arm protection.

Don’t miss Ann Taylor’s Friends & Family event until Tuesday. Get 40% off w/ code FRIENDS40. This blouse is a must.

This funny article makes a real case for excluding the phrase “I hope you’re well” from any and all future email correspondence.

I was incredibly moved by the documentary on HBO about Nora Ephron called Everything is Copy, it was a fascinating look into the life of one of my favorite writers and the price of using elements of your own life in your writing.

Working on getting into listening to more podcasts, it’s a great way to occupy your mind while walking. These best of the best episodes might help me get hooked.

College is long gone, but if my dorm was as cool as some of these then I might have never left.

Just in case you’re getting into a back-to-school mood check out the plethora of classes you can take on CreativeLive.

Even though I will always maintain that 99 percent of the time the book is always better than the movie, here’s a list of what’s coming to the big screen soon.

Sick of sad looking leftovers or sandwiches when you brown bag it to work? Here’s a few ideas to liven up your lunch break.

This is equal parts hilarious and amazing.

Still in need of a laugh? These are the best SNL skits of all time.

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  1. Peppermint Dolly wrote:

    Great post – beautiful photo!


    8.20.16 | Reply
  2. Kathy wrote:

    I like Creative Live. Fun post altogether

    8.20.16 | Reply
  3. consulente d immagine wrote:

    Post molto interessante e foto magnifiche. Quella location è meravigliosa.
    Adoro il tuo blog e lo consiglio sempre alle mie clienti, donne che desiderano migliorare il proprio aspetto, che partecipano ai miei corsi di consulenza d’immagine.
    Suggerisco loro di prendere ispirazione dai tuoi consigli di stile per imparare a valorizzare la loro immagine.

    Grazie mille per lo splendido lavoro che fai.

    8.21.16 | Reply

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