Click. Read. Love. 9.23.23

By Jess & Caylin
23 Sep 2023

Happy Saturday. This week was a bit of a whirlwind and yesterday we finally got the sectional for our living room which means I can share that entire space soon. Can’t wait! A little painting left to do and then it will be ready for the reveal. Also putting the finished touches on our outdoor deck and patio area so I can share that next week.

Foliage season is in full swing here and I am having so much fun decorating our house with pumpkins and mums. Loving all the fall things. Wishing you all a great weekend.

Here’s the best of the week. – Jess & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 9.23.23

read. watch. listen.

Raising kids is the ‘best job in the world.’ Why is caring for the elderly the worst? (The Cut)

HUGE news. President Biden announced a new office dedicated to gun violence prevention. The office will be led by Vice President Kamala Harris. This is in large part thanks to everyone who made calls and urged Congress to take action. Thank you! (New York Times)

I’m still adding to it, but here’s a playlist to get you in the mood for cozy season. –Jess

Tuition is too high. Some colleges are slashing it in half. (New York Times)

Why won’t doctors stop talking about women and nonbinary people‘s weight. (The 19th News)

Why the rise of AI is forcing media outlets to be even more transparent—and why you should pay attention to who is writing the stories you read. (Vanity Fair)

RI locals have you tried Mother in downtown Newport? The chop chop salad is beyond and so are the pizzas.

Today is the fall equinox, here’s your horoscope! (Cosmo)

After explaining to a friend that I was looking for a series with plenty of books, she gifted me the first book in the Louise Penny series about a Canadian detective. It was just what I wanted! -Caylin

Tim Ballard, the “anti-slavery activist” with Operation Underground Railroad was accused of sexual misconduct involving seven women. (Vice)

Of all the relationship triangles to sink a friendship, did you ever think it would be your baby that ended things? (The Cut)

There is no link here, just a hot tip. Did you know that most libraries have their own e-reader app, like the Kindle, where you can borrow books? It’s a game changer for me! -Caylin

Is the person you’re dating emotionally available? (The Everygirl)

The issue with the viral trend of budget Ozempic. (Scientific American)


The coziest blankets, ChappyWrap has new styles for fall and pillow covers!

Just got these organic cotton stretch rib leggings in green and they’re SO comfy (and on sale right now).

From the same brand, these organic cotton sweats are cozy and come in a bunch of colors with matching sweatshirts.

I got these straight leg corduroys from Alex Mill and they’re perfection. I’ve loved all the pants I’ve ordered from them. They fit true to size.

If anyone also has a toddler that will only wear pink and purple, I found these boots for fall and winter.

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