Click. Read. Love. 9.2.22

By Jess & Caylin
2 Sep 2022
Click. Read. Love. 9.2.22

TGIF. Woke up to a 40 degree morning and whoa it feels like FALL IS HERE. It was Marin’s first week back at school, my ABLE launch, and our move back up to Vermont. I am so tired but also really excited to be back up here. I fell mountain biking this week and I don’t know what’s more bruised my legs or my ego. And I know falling is part of the deal but, am I too old for this? Lol. Kidding but also not.

On the work front it’s been pretty busy. Trying to finalize a new project I’m launching soon, along with my online community. Thank you so much for all of your incredible support on my ABLE collaboration. I can’t wait to see how you wear your pieces. Have a great holiday weekend.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 9.2.22

What is fun? Can I have it? Will I ever have it again?” How to have fun!

I LOVE my Salomon trail sneakers so I just ordered these hiking boots for the fall (25% off at Backcountry right now). (Jess)

Speaking of hiking these are my favorite socks for fall hikes.

Here’s why you can’t escape gray floors.

Meghan Markle on her new life in California.

Women in America are reaching a breaking point. “We surrender our careers, our autonomy, ourselves. We try to keep going. We have to. Without us, everything falls apart.”

I also love the sweater vest trend and can’t wait to style this one from Madewell (use code LONGWEEKEND for 30% off). (Jess)

All about America’s oldest bookstore. Oh and it’s haunted.

An interesting read from the Matriarchy Report about privilege and how “the inequities we face require a complete shift in the way we think about what’s best for our kids as a whole.

Allow this story about a grandmother and grandson visiting 63 national parks to warm your heart.

Sezane new arrivals are here!

Love the Betty Jacket in this dusty rose color and this floral dress. Apparently straw bags are a trend for fall and I’ve been using my Paloma tote which draws lots of compliments.

Still figuring out how I feel about this essay by Lena Dunham about what Marilyn Monroe means to her. (Caylin)

It’s rare that someone tells me a podcast is life changing, so when they do, I listen. If you’re a fan of The Overstory by Richard Powers, you must listen to this conversation he had with Ezra Klein. (Caylin)

Do you shop The RealReal?

An important essay from Ayana on why she took antidepressants while pregnant.

A year after the Taliban takeover, here are three women on how their lives have changed.

American cities were not built for human connection.

Being an influencer is apparently one of the most aspirational jobs for kids.

(TW: Suicide) A heartbreaking opinion piece from Ashley Judd on her struggle to keep the details of her mother’s death private.

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