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By Caylin Harris
13 Sep 2019
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Happy Friday the 13th. Is that a thing? It’s also a full moon so get out your crystals and your sage, haha. We wrapped up the floors (I’ll share a post on that soon) and plan to paint the nursery this weekend before furniture starts arriving. I am LOVING this fall-like weather and you better believe I’ve already busted all of my sweaters out of the basement. It’s been a bit of chaos here with the floors and then family in town but I plan on filming some IGTVs with pieces from the fall capsule soon! Happy weekend everyone.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

The mother of two Silicon Valley CEOs on the secret to raising successful kids.

The release of the IKEA catalog has always been a thing. Somehow they manage to forecast some big kitchen and home trends. Here’s the breakdown for the latest version.

I’m testing out this clean beauty brand- new to Dermstori, Nuori, and I can’t wait to try this mask, my skin has been SO dry lately.

Quick, make as much as you can with the last of the summer produce. These corn fritters sound very tasty.

This is the only pregnancy-type book I’ve bought but I really like it and definitely plan on using the recipes postpartum.

ICYMI, my fall capsule launched this week. This fuzzy jacket is a fan favorite (and definitely one of my top picks too).

Ube-flavored ice cream? Cinnamon bun spread? Here’s what’s new at Trader Joe’s right now. And if you’ve tried any of these items it is your duty to report back with a review.

Let’s talk about the clothes on Succession.

We finished the nursery design with Modsy and are painting the room this weekend. All the furniture has been ordered so it should be ready for a reveal in a few weeks. I seriously can not recommend Modsy enough. I’ll share more with the nursery reveal but I definitely plan on using them again for other rooms in the house. (J)

Here are Elizabeth Gilbert’s ten best writing tips—more helpful and more free than a workshop.

Grace on what it’s like running a blog full time, side note: Grace is literally one of the most hard working (and nicest) people I know.

The perfect non-toxic candle to get you in the mood for fall.

OMG this would be the best game day snack. Also how many of you are hooked on Half Baked Harvest too?!

A look into how people form their political identities.

LOL, where every state falls in the cottage vs ranch house style…the only exception being Rhode Island, where it’s mansion.

You’ve probably seen this story making its rounds online. If you enjoyed articles about Anna Delvey, this is a less intense, friendship gone awry story.

Netflix’s new series Unbelievable takes a more realistic approach to the experience of sexual assault survivors.

I love getting to see Bon Appetit’s list of nominees for their ten best new restaurants of the year. Not only do I look for new local spots, but it can also inform my travel plans. It looks like North Carolina is getting added to my wishlist. Locals, peep the Providence picks! (C)

Breaking down how to set healthy boundaries—it might be hard at first but will ultimately benefit you and your relationships.

Someone posted this healthy take on Twix bars and now I really want to whip up a batch. I’ve heard they’re really good. (C)

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