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Wrapping up my 10 day trip celebrating my Mom’s birthday today with my brothers in Santa Barbara. I’m headed home early Saturday morning and I can’t freaking wait to see Nora, Fuji and Hunter (and Craig too, haha). I’m headed to NYC Monday morning to speak on a panel (details below to RSVP) so it’s gonna be a crazy few days. Happy weekend.

Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…

When in doubt, you can always trust Parisian style. Here’s what has the city of light buzzing this summer.

So The O.C. is officially fifteen years old and it makes us feel ancient. Enjoy this walk down memory lane with its review in The New Yorker.

I’m speaking on a panel with the head of PR at West Elm for the HGTV Block Party in NYC on Monday. There’s so many great speakers and topics, you can RSVP to attend here. 

I’m visiting my Mom in Cali this week for her birthday and made her clean out her closet. I also made her get a bunch of new wardrobe staples from Everlane like this tee, these pants and this sweater, because I’m bossy like that. (J)

Jaws and a 44-year-old cold case? Sounds like two ingredients for a fun, summer thriller—but this is a true story.

Wow in the kitchen with this easy cooking technique that helps intensify flavors.

Why #blessed is #bullshit. The myth of why it appears that everyone is happier than you on social media.

I was giggling at the headline of this article. But it makes a great point (C).

Quick weeknight meals? Yes please, with this heat, sweating it out in the kitchen is becoming less and less appealing.

Is open concept housing on its way out? Why we might want to consider bringing back separate rooms.

Oh look, I’ve been doing it wrong for years. Apparently trying too hard at work is bad for you. (C)

Everyone is talking about CBD oil right now. Here’s what to know before you buy it online.

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  1. Peppermint Dolly wrote:

    15 years old!?!! OMG can’t cope!

    Rebecca |

    8.10.18 | Reply
  2. Natalie Redman wrote:

    Love your blog! So pretty.

    8.22.18 | Reply

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