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By Caylin Harris
12 Aug 2016

Cliff Walk Wildflowers Newport RI Craig Mackay Photography

We have this sneaking suspicion that everyone, and we mean everyone, is on vacation this week. We on the other hand are not, but we have been making use of the fruits of our garden labor while working away on new content. So excited for all of the changes to come this fall!
Jess & Caylin

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share, or pin we’ve got you covered. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Speaking of ch-ch-ch-changes, we want to know what type of content you like, love, and want to see more (or less) of on Prosecco & Plaid. Fill out this super quick survey and you’ll be entered to win one of two $100 giftcards!

Even for an interior design fanatic furniture placement can be a real challenge. This article from Lonny offers beautiful arrangements that lead by example.

In search of a can’t-put-it-down type book? Chances are a good thriller will hold your attention, here are nine that will fill the void now that you’ve finished The Girl on the Train and anything written by Gillian Flynn.

Are you so over gallery walls? Here’s a more lively alternative.

Forget the word please (well, not entirely, manners are important) but if you’re looking to be extra persuasive try this out instead.

It’s that time again, the 2017 IKEA catalog is here!

Grilled cheese is more than just comfort food when you add a few gourmet ingredients, we’re dying to try Ruth Reichl’s recipe.

These heels, because we can’t get enough of lace-up everything.

Caring too much about what other people think sucks, not to mention makes you less yourself in the long run. Here are some actionable ways to not give a f*$k.

While you might not want to buy every single one of these Beyoncé inspired DIYs some of them are brilliant and guaranteed to give you a laugh.

Choice, choices. We’re trying to choose between some of the best white paints out there. Proof that they’re not all the same.

Some of our favorite parts of the Olympics so far? Michael Phelp’s son Boomer being adorable and this NSFW Aussie diving commentary.

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  1. Mallory wrote:

    Love to read your blog, but I have to say that what stands out the most: the photos of Rhode Island’s coast! Wow! I had no idea. Never been. The hubby and I are thinking of doing a fall trip there due to your photos. So, thanks and keep posting.

    8.12.16 | Reply
    • Jessica wrote:

      That’s so awesome Mallory! Rhode Island is a really special and beautiful place. There is miles of coastline, much of it unspoiled. I hope you enjoy your time here. xx

      8.14.16 | Reply

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