Click. Read. Love. 8.19.22

By Jess & Caylin
19 Aug 2022

Happy Friday. I kind of can’t believe it’s the second to last week of summer. I know it’s not technically over for a few weeks, but Marin starts daycare in late August and we’re making the trek back to Vermont soon. We’ve been doing all the final touches on our house before the renters move in. I thought I’d be more sad or sentimental about it, but truthfully Vermont feels like home now (a little weird to say that). Trying to soak up these last few days but I must admit I am excited for fall. Lots of great links this week. Happy weekend.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C)

Click. Read. Love. 8.19.22

An interesting read on the research behind why social media makes people unhappy, and simple ways to fix it.

In heartbreaking news, apparently the number of lonely, single men is on the rise thanks to modern dating’s higher and healthier relationship standards.

Isn’t it weird how all of a sudden you start seeing a certain phrase everywhere? This week it’s all about quit quitting. Have you heard about it? To me it just sounds like having work-life balance but maybe I’m misunderstanding it? (Caylin)

Young children are impregnated more often than many people realize. This guest essay from Nicole Walker shows the danger and consequences of taking away legal abortion for those children.

If you liked Sesame Street as a kid, here are some new characters now that you’re in your thirties

Should you cut toxic people out of your life?

Got this runner for my hallway under $60 and it looks so good. Definitely needs a rug pad underneath! I can usually find them at Home Goods.

What are you an expert in? Majorly heartwarming.

Feel good story of the week!

It took twenty years for this author to reunite with his life-changing teacher.

I found this personal essay on trying but not trying to get pregnant very relatable. (Jess)

Big fan of Vans platform sneakers and I really like the new colors especially the green (runs big).

Fascinating research that shows people may pick friends who smell like them.

The brutal truth you need to accept if you want to stop feeling constantly overwhelmed.

It’s really important to understand what was included in the recent bill that Democrats passed, these infographics make it easier to understand.

I love Nora Ephron. This piece about what is often forgotten about her is wonderful. (Caylin)

If you’re trying to understand what’s going on, The Daily gives a good breakdown of the FBI raid on Trump’s home, what was seized and why.

There’s still time to use my code JESSKIRBY for 20% off at Faherty. This maxi dress has been a favorite and I love this tank sweater for fall.

The dangers of ride-or-die culture.

If you are looking for recipe ideas for all those tomatoes!

These cropped organic cotton track pants looks so comfy and cozy.

Does your favorite beauty brand support abortion rights? A list of 100 companies and where they stand.

The response to Anne Heche’s tragic death is one that shows a lack of compassion and understanding of addiction.

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  1. Chaucee wrote:

    Great links, thanks for sharing! Why is it heartbreaking that there are more single men because of higher standards? I would consider that a good thing to expect better treatment from men.

    8.19.22 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      It was sarcasm, lol. Guess that doesn’t always come across in writing. Haha.

      8.22.22 | Reply

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