Click. Read. Love. 8.14.21

By Jess & Caylin
14 Aug 2021
Click. Read. Love. 8.14.21

I officially have two weeks of summer left, Marin goes to daycare at the end of the month and I have all sorts of mixed feelings about it. I shared some of my favorite advice and wisdom I received from all of you on IG the other day here. Having a toddler and living through a pandemic has taught me a lot about myself and also really forced me to look at the way I live my life. I know it’s been quiet here on the blog this summer, and I’ve had a lot of projects going on behind the scenes, but I’ve also been LIVING my life.

It feels like for the first time in years I’m allowing myself to have fun, worry a little less about work, have a beach day, not look at my phone at all. It has been SO nice. Anyway I don’t even know what my point is other than time flies and I’m so grateful we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy so much of it together as a family this summer. Wishing all of you a great weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 8.14.21

Pretty excited we got to wear our nap dresses this week (pictured above).

Some great tips here for new-ish moms dealing with the ups and downs of becoming a new parent.

Amanda Knox was wrongfully convicted of murdering her roommate fourteen years ago, but whose story is it to tell?

A story of grief and conspiracy twenty years after 9/11. This story is so beautifully written and explores the complicated nature of grief—definitely make the time to read this piece.

Fun movies to look forward to this fall!

I absolutely love this brow gel from MERIT. In fact, I use it everyday it makes my brows so fluffy and full. (J)

On the idea of forced fun at work—and how you can also keep it from impacting your job.

You always have to love McSweeney’s take on things—this week they’re tackling Governor Cuomo’s resignation.

The perfect use for your abundance of cherry tomatoes in your garden? This cherry tomato pasta alla vodka—yum!

Have you guys been watching White Lotus on HBO?

If so, what do you think? Isn’t there a kind of freedom in not really liking any of the characters on a TV show?

Talk about using technology for good! Meet the woman who created an app to save her endangered language.

A thoughtful interview with Beyoncé.

Craig and I listened to this podcast recently, American Isis. It’s about an American who joins ISIS and explores the notion of evil, and how humans can rationalize participation in horrible, violent acts.

Just in case you feel like you haven’t been living your summer life to fullest

A wild story about the wild world of Donald Trump’s Florida.

There’s still a lot of teacher wish lists to clear. If you’d like to help, visit the spreadsheet here, you don’t have to clear a list, even a few items is a huge help for these teachers!

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  1. Liz wrote:

    I just dropped my 13 month old off for her very first day of daycare, too, and IT’S HARD! I spent all morning thinking about how I can just quit working and stay home with her instead (even though I know this is so good for us both). We’ve been reading the book “Llama llama misses mama” and it’s perfect! Highly recommend getting it and reading it lots. I also tried my best to seem so happy and excited the whole morning through drop off, because I read that if baby/toddler thinks you are nervous or unsure then they think they should definitely panic. Hope it goes well!!

    8.16.21 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      My heart goes out to you, it’s so hard! Thank you so much for the recommendation I will definitely be ordering that book.

      8.17.21 | Reply

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