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By Caylin Harris
5 Aug 2016

Prosecco & Plaid surfing Newport, RI

We can’t believe it’s already August and we’re welcoming the dog days of summer with open arms, it doesn’t hurt that the weather here is pure perfection. The best time of year for long days at the beach and late night BBQs in the backyard. Cheers to the weekend friends!
Jess & Caylin

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share, or pin we’ve got you covered. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

We love Etsy, but it can take some digging to find the really good stuff. Architectural Digest did the hard work for you by finding these gems.

Our inner book nerd desperately wants this poster of the 100 essential novels that has a scratch-off feature so you can keep track of what you’ve already read.

It is the LAST three days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Here are our beauty, home decor and fashion round-ups.

Since we work from home we’re always fascinated about how to be even more productive. This article about optimizing your workspace was a really interesting read.

Learning the basics is such an important part of becoming an accomplished cook because it frees you up to improvise. This article about mastering five essentials sauces might surprise even a more seasoned chef.

Apparently this book is required reading for every creative.

Renting sunglasses? We’re seriously tempted by this service.

You’ll laugh out loud reading this hilarious piece from The New Yorker.

Have you heard about Stranger Things on Netflix? If you love E.T. or The Goonies you’ll be fascinated by this sci-fi thriller. Watch out, it’s far too easy to binge watch the entire season— it’s only eight episodes.

A heartbreaking story of love and loss from The New York Time Magazine.

Spoiler alert! So if you haven’t read the play but want to know about the finer points? Here’s four major details you’ll want to know.

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