Click. Read. Love. 6.4.21

By Jess & Caylin
4 Jun 2021
Click. Read. Love. 6.4.21

Heading over to my friend Emily’s house this morning to work on a project together and I’m so excited. Taking this on feels scary but also exhilarating. It’s been a while since I did something to challenge myself and do something out of my comfort zone.

I’m loving this week’s CRL, there are so many great reads, as always, hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Click. Read. Love. 6.4.21

Have you heard of Faye Schulman—we hadn’t and she was such a badass.

If you’re not drinking this summer here are eight mocktail recipes that look so refreshing.

Supergoop’s summer sale is on! Get 20% off with code SUMMER20. My favorites are the Mineral Sheerscreen, Mineral Eye Cream, and Cloud 9 Sun Balm. (J)

A beautifully written essay from Ayana on why she doesn’t regret announcing her pregnancy “too early” (TW: miscarriage).

So I’m over here bummed about Mare of Easttown ending, but I did find this other great HBO show Hacks. It’s a totally different vibe, but maybe that’s a good thing? (C)

If you’re feeling anxious about things going back to normal, you’re not alone.

A great Father’s Day gift, if you missed my IG stories, this new bundle from OurPlace is awesome.

Their knife trio and walnut cutting board is a new staple in our kitchen. Use my code JESSKIRBY10 for 10% off site wide (can’t be combined with bundle discounts). (J)

Why it’s important to know and understand the deeply radical origins of Pride Month.

So remember all those laundry stripping videos that came out awhile back, I’ve always wanted to try it but was iffy about some of the detergents being used. However! This method from Branch Basics seems to get the job done with products I use and love already. (C)

The fight against anti-transgender legislation and how you can help.

Congrats to this female founded, RI-based sustainable swimwear brand that launched this week!

Does America have a drinking problem?

When the weather gets hot, there’s no reason why a tasty homemade dip and its accoutrements can’t be dinner. Here’s a round-up of the best of the best dip and spreads.

Naomi Osaka and how sports has a long way to go in the mental health space.

“In 2017 Fawn Weaver began bottling Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey as a passion project to honor Nearest Green, the formerly enslaved distiller who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey. Four years later, her bourbon has sold nearly 1.5 million bottles, according to a recent report in The Spirits Business.” Now she’s helping bankroll other minority-owned spirit businesses.

How to stop living in infinite browsing mode—”The pleasures of commitment are deeper and more satisfying than keeping your options open.”

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  1. Lynn wrote:

    I read most of the article on Drinking Too Much In America and truthfully I couldn’t get through it. My very handsome, bright and smart son Jeff died 3 years ago from a massive bleed in the Esophagus the second of two. The first, a year before his heart stopped for 6 minutes . The quick thinking of his fiancé , a nurse got the ER to give him more blood and platelets plus care and move him to a higher level ICU in Kansas City. He had a Corporate job, 2 great kids and I never knew he had more than a cocktail or two at Events or a Beer or two watching the Giants on Sundays . I drank sure I did in my 40’s , divorced when I went out for dinner or dancing with friends or on a date. I had hangovers . Hated that. I was a mom of grown kids by then . Now since I have watched my son struggle with this and eventually disconnected from life support, I have a very different viewpoint. This happened from a second Esophageal bleed while waiting for a liver transplant and a life flight to Wisconsin . I know a lot about alcoholism. I used to date the most fun fairly heavy drinkers and I really didn’t know . I went to Alanon because I was engaged to a great guy who wouldn’t stop drinking. I left him. I saw I was attracted to some men that were very handsome and drank a bit too much. It really wasn’t my thing to drink much and it didn’t run in my family at all , yet my son had it and was functional and worked as he hid it. He was the sweetest baby and boy. Never had a bit of trouble from him. Full scholarship to Rutgers . What I’m saying is this is a disease . It’s no different than heart disease or diabetes . You can have two drinks and be an alcoholic . They always say they can stop at any time . They may for a while but like smoking, it’s hard and an addiction. Next time you walk in a bar or a party and you need a drink right away to be comfortable, you might want to think about this . Next time the first words you hear from a friend at a party are, “what are you drinking “? Be aware . When I knew what I learned before and then it happened with my own Jeff, I never had another drink ever . Sure I miss socializing and a cocktail, but no mother should see her child take his first and last breath in a dark hospital room with machines buzzing . Had there been Covid I couldn’t have spent those wonderful days with him by his side (17) before he died and talking and laughing . The article is true . There’s probably more drinking now after a year isolated inside . This is my story . I only shared it , sad and painful as it is to try to help someone, not to judge .?

    6.5.21 | Reply

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