Click. Read. Love. 6.3.23

By Jess & Caylin
3 Jun 2023
Click. Read. Love. 6.3.23

Marin and I are in RI for the weekend with some Vermont friends for a mother/daughter weekend. Last night we got to hang at the beach and enjoy a gorgeous June night. This is one of my favorite times of year on the island before it gets crazy with the summer tourist season. We basically had the place to ourselves. Soaking up these quieter days before the chaos of summer in Newport. Wishing you all a great weekend.

Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 6.3.23

Turns it out it might be our most ambivalent relationships that are the most toxic. (The New York Times)

There’s just something so alluring about unisex fragrances. (Refinery29)

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts, or your partner just needs a wardrobe overhaul, Pact has great basics for men (on sale right now). Craig loves their tees.

Gen Z is ready for a break from their phones. (Yahoo News)

“Shiv is every bit as striving, corrupt, fallible, weak, and ultimately unserious (just as human, in other words) as her brothers. But while viewers are ready to empathize with Kendall and Roman while fully acknowledging their essential awfulness, Shiv is perpetually cast as either straight villain or unsung hero.” (Glamour)

My favorite crossbody/fanny pack now comes in white! So great for summer.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the manifesting power of this weekend’s Strawberry Moon. (Bustle)

On the beauty of birding. (The New York Times)

If you’re looking for a great mineral SPF for your lips this summer.

Have you ever wondered what your dream New York life would cost you? Here are the price tags to go along with some people’s dreams. (Curbed)

If you need a dose of 90s nostalgia, we’ve got you. (Romper)

These sunglasses from Sezane are so fun for summer.

I’m reading Stephen King’s On Writing and it’s a really interesting read, it’s part memoir and part instruction manual. -Caylin

Have you been hearing a lot about somatic therapy lately? (The Good Trade)

From topless literary performances on OnlyFans to her homegrown “Snake Oil” and “grift” card business, “The Scammer”—as Caroline Calloway titles herself in a new memoir—is back. (Vanity Fair)

I will basically read anything Jia Tolentino writes, so I had to read this profile on Matty Healy because frankly I had no clue who he was. -Caylin (The New Yorker)

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