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By Jess & Caylin
26 Jun 2020

How’s everybody doing? This week was a complete blur. I woke up this morning and could not believe it was already Friday. I filmed some skincare/beauty IGTVs this week so I’m super excited to share those soon. I also opened it up for style questions on Instagram and you guys had so many good ones! Look out for that post on the blog next week. We have rain in the forecast which honestly, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it wouldn’t be terrible. We kind of need a crummy day to catch up on cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc. though I am realizing we will probably never catch up again, haha. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

If you’re looking for something to buy, try, read, share or pin, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Caylin (C

Just in case you needed to see inequality laid out in chart form, here are the gaps between white and black America.

Did you guys see this story about Tik Tok teens and K Pop Stans reserving tickets to the Trump rally?

Still going strong with the gluten-free living, I just found this noodle brand that I’m so excited to try. They’ve got gluten-free noodles and some vegan options. (C)

This is my favorite sheet mask and I’ve been putting one on at night then using my jade roller over it. It’s so soothing and relaxing and my skin looks amazing afterwards. (J)

If you love key lime pie than you’ll love this frozen dessert. Who cares if you can’t bring it to BBQ, you’ll want to dig in yourself with a spoon.

If anyone else has been indulging in a little throwback show watching on Netflix, it’s easy to see that some popular shows haven’t held up well over the years.

Tabitha Brown is getting her own show on Ellen’s network and I am SO excited. Her Instagram is one of my favorites. (J)

A vulnerable and honest letter from a Black woman to her white friends.

My favorite Follain candle is back in stock! Use code JESSANNKIRBY15 for 15% off your order.

Our lives happen in restaurants—a compilation of little write ups by some amazing contemporary writers. <Seriously, grab your coffee/tea on Saturday morning and read this magic.

I got this pop-up tent for the beach and it’s so awesome and easy to set up. It’s UPF 50 and we can easily fit one of us in a chair inside with the baby. (J)

I’m a big Jon Stewart fan, go watch his interview on The Late Show, I think he articulates what’s important in this current election very well. (C)

On the economy and Coronavirus—that whole v-shaped recovery thing isn’t happening.

Who doesn’t want a stronger core? Especially if you deal with back pain. Here are four moves that can help.

Definitely making one of these homemade lemonade recipes from Imma.

NASA is renaming its headquarters building after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA.

Trying this lentil burger this weekend, it looks decidedly unboring thanks to the addition of miso and smoked paprika.

What if fertility didn’t have a shelf life?

One of my favorite sustainable swim brands is having a sale. Get 20% off select styles with code JULY4THSALE. I love this one piece.

This is a great list of Grace’s favorite romantic comedies and tons of good recs in the comments too!

A new coalition of Black fashion industry leaders aims to move from cancel culture to accountability.

I just ordered this gorgeous beach umbrella made from recycled plastic water bottles and it’s 20% off w/ code YAY20.

I bought this hand sanitizer from Megababe and it’s awesome. I keep a big one in my car and the mini one in my bag.

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Huge fan of your website especially your Friday posts, but unfortunately your political biases has definitely come out on this one and am very disappointed. If you’re going to report on politics or anything close to them, be sure to show BOTH sides or else you’re fake news.

    6.26.20 | Reply
    • Fiona wrote:

      I disagree, keep it coming Jess! I appreciate that your content is authentic to who you are, how you feel, and that you don’t ignore the big elephants in the room (ie. State of our country). Readers like the one above, can simply not follow those links, find alternative content, or find terms to use other than “fake news” when you report TRUTH THAT MIGHT BE UNCOMFORTABLE 🙂 I’m not disappointed in you and I’m proud to be a loyal reader. Thanks for your honestly and your commitment to doing the right thing for you, your family, and your community of readers.

      6.26.20 | Reply
      • CC wrote:

        Most content on lifestyle blogs is simply the blog owners opinion. Lauren, and possibly other readers like her, just disagrees with some of the blog content. If this is truely a diverse blog, then her comment should be welcome – along with all the comments that will agree with the blog post.

        6.26.20 | Reply
      • Jess wrote:

        Thank you Fiona, really appreciate it. I agree. I welcome other opinions but labeling something “fake news” because you don’t agree is just incorrect.

        6.26.20 | Reply
        • CC wrote:

          I will say that at least you are honest and upfront concerning your political leanings/beliefs. Whether each individual agrees or disagrees, readers generally know going-in what the content will include. I’ve noticed, especially in the past few years, bloggers rushing over each other to publicly join this-or-that cause. Many readers (of those blogs), I’m sure, are left wondering if the blog owner is sincere in what they’re posting, or if it’s virtue-signaling, in order to continue bringing-in revenue.

          6.26.20 | Reply
      • Megann313 wrote:

        Whole heartedly agree with defending Jess and the above content. I also completely disagree with speaking about brutality and injustices against Black Americans as “political”. That’s not politics, that is 100% a human issue and one we should all be fighting against. Other than Tik Tok trolling a Trump rally, I see no other mention of anything political, and labeling it fake news is an ignorant and short sighted response to invalidate actual news you disagree with. Anti-intellectualism is not a dual sided issue.

        6.26.20 | Reply
    • Lexy wrote:

      Lauren, There is a difference between respectfully disagreeing with someone’s opinions and it being fake news.

      Jess, I love that you share your personal opinions along with lots of interesting content. Everything that is happening right now is too important to ignore. Thank you for sharing.

      6.26.20 | Reply
    • Emma wrote:

      I also heartily disagree. Jess is not a reporter, Lauren. Also, “fake news” is not a thing, it’s a Trump talking point aimed to get his loyal followers to distrust the media and, as a result is aiding in the rapid decline of the rule of law and freedom of the press in this country. I hope for your sake you will continue to read Jess’s blog and maybe give some real critical thought to her opinions and some of the articles she shares because based on your reaction to recommended reading regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, a true and hilarious account of KPop stans overwhelming the Trump rally booking site, and renaming a Federal Building after an impactful yet long-overlooked Black woman, it’s looking like your opinions are going to fall on the wrong side of history.

      6.26.20 | Reply
      • Jess wrote:

        Well said Emma.

        6.26.20 | Reply
    • Alicia wrote:

      Lauren, I think you’re confused. It’s not Jess’ job to be a news source. She is posting content that reflects how she feels – and her HONEST perspective about the state of the country is therefore reflected in that content. She doesn’t owe anybody (or side, party, whatever) her platform. Her job is to represent herself, however she sees fit.
      For those of us with a sense of that, Jess’ commentary and resources have been an incredibly helpful asset in navigating this time and I continue to seek out her content and ultimately, her opinion. If you’d like to do your own research – feel free, but nobody owes it to you to represent a voice they don’t believe in.

      Hope this helps clear things up for you!

      6.26.20 | Reply
      • Jess wrote:

        You’ve beautifully articulated what I was not able to. Thank you Alicia. As always I appreciate you being here.

        6.26.20 | Reply
    • Rebecca wrote:

      Let’s be really clear, Lauren: ALL of our choices have political roots. From the stores we shop at, to the books we read, to the media we consume—all are based in a political ideology, one that typically values capitalism over people and white lives over black lives. Jess’s choice to encourage transparent dialogue about this reality is both productive and necessary for growth.

      6.26.20 | Reply
      • CC wrote:

        What should Capitalism be replaced with?

        6.26.20 | Reply
        • Rebecca wrote:

          In true educator style, I’m going to assign you some reading first, and you can arrive at your own conclusions about what economic systems might be a better alternative and why capitalism is inextricably linked to racism. Start with Eric William’s Capitalism and Slavery and then move onto Beckert and Rockman’s Slavery’s Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development. However, if you really want the sparknotes, Chapter 12 of Dr. Kendi’s How To Be an Anti-Racist will serve you well.

          6.26.20 | Reply
          • CC wrote:

            I would add anything by Thomas Sowell to this list. Mr. Sowell is an American economist and social theorist.

            6.27.20 |
  2. gmail email login wrote:

    Thank you for sharing the links! They are very interesting!

    6.26.20 | Reply
  3. Maura wrote:

    This is what it takes. When people’s eyes are wide open it takes people like Jess who have a platform to stand up for what is right. My brother is a police officer. He has gained respect by working side by side with the community. The fact that not all cops are bad isn’t the point. The point is our justice system is flawed. Black lives matter. And this is the time for a new day. Thank you for doing what you can do Jess.

    6.28.20 | Reply
    • Jess wrote:

      Thanks Maura, appreciate you.

      6.29.20 | Reply

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